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    Which Would You Rather Have?

    Pretty much what has happened is the iPhone is now available for a smaller down payment and you pay extra in interest. Which would you rather have? The iPhone for $399 and $499 with a $20 data plan or the new model of $199 and $299 with a $30 data plan.
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    iPhone Safari browser about to be dethroned? the new skyfire browser with full flash support. wake up Apple!
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    Best Week Ever Video Podcast

    I was wondering if anyone had this problem as well. I'm a subscriber to the best week ever tv video podcast and the last 4 podcasts won't sync to my video because the are the wrong format. I converted them through iTunes and the same error. Added them to my iPhone playlist instead, same...
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    My iPhone is Dead for now

    Really disapointing. I posted my problems in another thread... Well after that whole ordeal i got the connect to iTunes prompt again when the iPhone started back up and now that's all i'm getting. Everytime I try to restore via iTunes it fails. Looks like i'm off to the Apple store...
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    Flash: Apple Faces A Rebellion Over iTunes

    FLASH: APPLE FACES A REBELLION OVER iTunes... Universal Music Group, the world's biggest music corporation, notified Apple that it will not renew its annual contract to sell music through iTunes... Developing... This according to drudge report.
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    WiFi troubles

    So in the midst of drooling/loving my iPhone i've encountered a problem connecting to my wireless network at home. Its protected and i type in the correct password and its not connecting. I don't expect any one to know how to solve this problem (if you do, i'll be extremely impressed), but i...
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    Old Cellphone contacts and SIM cards

    Sorry if this has already been answer or is available on or something, but I've search and been unable to find anything. The iPhone faq says... First off this seems like a lot of work which I want to avoid. I don't feel like spending what will probably be an hour or more typing...
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    PC world article on Safari/iPhone;858812121;pp;1;fp;2;fpid;3 Some interesting insight why Apple released safari for windows/pcs (iphone-centric) Also i wasn't aware of the beating safari has taken in the pc community right off the bat (some of which seems valid--numerous security...