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    I have jailbreak running but when i try to run winscp i get this my firewall is off. i have ssh running i have seen other people have had this problem but have not found an answer please help!
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    Dropped my iPhone!

    I dropped my iPhone today on my kitchen floor, it fell out of my sweatshirt pocket (yes i know not the smartest place to put an iPhone) the corner of the phone were the vibrate/sound button is, its dented and the vibrate/sound button is now jammed and i cant put it back onto sound, can Apple fix...
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    iPhone TV appearances

    hey has anyone seen the iPhone on tv besides the commercials, like on a tv show?
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    hey everyone, I have an XV6700 pocket pc and im in love with it, but i am also very interested in getting an iPhone because my contract is about to expire. any advice of what i should do? Thanks.