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    The (non)Greasy Shield has the best
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    Verizon FiOS and iPhone

    reseting will do it most of the time with a router.
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    return question at AT&T store

    1. yes 2. yes 3. wait for an order to come in but really, the safari crash will be fixed in an update in the near future probably
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    An iPhone is NOT an Blackberry

    actually its comparing Apple's to Blackberry's
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    Average Battery Life. What's Yours?

    wifi + bt on and 35% talk/use 65% standby with max brightness about a day and a half or two
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    So, what's your REAL battery life?

    about a day with some use/talk and standby
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    Video File Size?

    depends on the quality of the movie
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    putting all your #'s on iPhone

    if you're transfering from a Motorola phone to the iPhone, just put them to your pc using mpt and from the pc to the iPhone
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    "Disk Mode" software

    lol it better, thats how we'll find good hacks!
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    Looks like I got the iPhone shuffle...

    if it happens again, worry... if not... you're fine, hopefully
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    Just Had A Strange Bug with Calling on Phone

    common screw up on all phones, don't know exactly how its caused though
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    +1 to waiting for hacks! except I know how to change the battery myself sort of, why have them take it for a week.
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    4gb or wait for the 8gb?

    I was lucky enough for my mom to get it for me on a whim and the only one left was an 8gb. Get the 8, you'll be happy you did.
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    iPhone doesn't have a "One-size-fits-all headset jack"

    go on your ipods and search iPhone headphones on youtube...
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    deleting people from mail

    ugh! I'll do that then, Apple better come out with an update for this!
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    deleting people from mail

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    You think it wil work?

    and what about the iPhones data plan, that will bring up the cost for the service as well...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    haha yep, I was on my iPhone;)
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    i giess i meved introduced myself... So hi :)
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    GPS Software?

    I don't think att will allow internal software to be used unless someone finds a rare hack, however... Like most phones, it can probably operate on Bluetooth gps