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    3GS rattle

    I'd like to bring up a topic that needs more attention; the 3GS rattle. Many of you have this issue and if you don't think you do just tap your phone on the back near the camera. Now tap at the bottom. Hear the difference? There is a rattling sound near the camera but the bottom of the...
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    Apple in-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

    Does anyone have any rumors on when the new Apple in-Ear headphones are being released? The Apple store just says the "Shipping Soon" and I've read its supposed to be October. Also, it doesn't say they are compatible with the iPhone 3G. I find that hard to believe.
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    can't hear caller

    so I have this new problem that started recently where I'm done talk and wait for the person on the other end to respond but, its dead air (like the phone disconnected). I then say, "Hello" and then other person responds again and this time I can hear them. It almost like the ear speaker is...
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    Incase 3G case

    Has anyone used this yet? It looks sweet, but it seems all these slide on cases scratch your phone when you put them on. And I don't want to deal with messing around with the "skins" because they are impossible to get put on right. Is it jsut me, but do all the cases for the iPhone not seem...
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    Number of new texts on SMS icon not showing up

    Does anyone have an issue with the number of new texts displaying on their SMS icon. I had to do a restore on my phone because my camera app stop working (it would load and the shut down). After the restore, I noticed that when I get text messages (and don't read them immediately) the red...
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    scratching in back of 3G?

    A question to all your 3G owners of the black model; does the back scratch easily now? I remember the 1st gen nano at the polycarbonate-like coating that scracthed when the wind blew against it. The new back for the 3G looks like similar material. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I'm...
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    "Other" size increases after update

    Has anyone noticed that the "other" section under capacity increases after the update. I had like 300MB free before the update and then half of that went to the "other" section. I thought these were old install files that could be deleted but I don't see where they are so I can delete them
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    Completely discharging battery then re-charge

    Is this a good idea? Apple's website says that its good to run a full cycle charge once a month to the keep the electrons moving. Its my understanding a full cycle charge is using the battery down to 0% and then charging it back up again to 100%. Others say you should never completely...
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    Slight warping of iPhone case

    So on the left hand side of my iPhone along the silver edge (not the chrome ring), it appears that there is a slight buldge where it meets the black bottom. Its not super noticeable and maybe I'm being over critical but when I look at the phone straight on it appears like the bottom part of the...
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    UME contacts transfer solution

    So I wnet to ATT and bought the 512MB stick and the transfered my contacts from my old Razr. However, what do I do know. There is a pbb file on the memory card but I can't import that file into Outlook or drag and drop it into my iPhone via iTunes as had been suggested by Apple and ATT. No...