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  1. MacManiac102

    iPhone or iPod touch?

    That is exactly what I am going to say. One of the big things about the iPhone is that you always have that connectivity to the edge network. But, if you don't want to get locked into a service plan, the touch is a great way to go. I am responding to this post right now on my iPod touch and I...
  2. MacManiac102

    Colorado Man Has Plastic Surgery on Thumbs to Improve iPhone Typing

    Wow. That fits really well. Talk about what people will do for their phone.
  3. MacManiac102

    Envy breeds Hate. An iPhone love story

    Plain and simple... they don't have one so they will try to bring it down to make themselves feel better. Jealousy at its highest here.
  4. MacManiac102

    i want to upgrade to a 8 gig

    The only system that Apple has is if you bought one of their products and then within 30 days something better comes out. If you bought a MacBook and then 10 days later a better MacBook comes out for the same price you could get the new one but... I don't see another iPhone coming out. :P
  5. MacManiac102

    Last 50% of Battery goes quicker?

    This doesn't necessarily mean that this is a problem with your battery. It could just mean that your battery icon wasn't really making a good prediction on how long that battery would run and it went down faster then it originally thought. However, I can't be sure on what your exact problem is.
  6. MacManiac102

    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    Haha. I can see her surfing on her iPhone right now. You might just have to get her the 8gb cause all those kids bop cd's will really fill up that 4gb.
  7. MacManiac102

    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    40.... 23.... 40... 23.... Am i the only one?
  8. MacManiac102

    Verizon's Answer to the iPhone

    Hahahaha. I have seen that before and this is the worst answer to an iPhone ever. Actually, any phone is the worst answer to the iPhone. What this just means is that everyone knows Apple's innovation and wants to try to copy... yet it won't work.
  9. MacManiac102

    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    That is the $1,000,000 question... er, $500. You should get the phone if you think you will really enjoy it. At our age (I am 16 in 2 months) when you make this kind of investment, it had better be good! Go to the Apple store, play with them, and if you love them and have the money get one.
  10. MacManiac102

    My Review of 1st Generation iPhone

    Hahahaha. We could do this all day. I like dingos.
  11. MacManiac102

    Help Glass broke!

    Wouldn't Applecare be better than paying like State Farm? I mean, it is Apple. I could be wrong here but I would think paying Apple to insure my iPhone would be better than any other insurance company. What kind of $$$ are you paying State Farm anyways?
  12. MacManiac102

    Is it safe to bring to school?

    Wow... that is pretty intense. Did they ever catch the guy and get the phone back? When you pull out a gun it just goes to a whole new level of what you could be charged with.
  13. MacManiac102

    20% battery left from 10hr standby

    In the end you just have to be happy with it which sounds like you are. This problem is solved so I think it can be locked now.
  14. MacManiac102

    20% battery left from 10hr standby

    Very very true. I hope that this new iPhone meets your expectations from this device. However, you have to keep open to the fact that there are some things that could effect your battery life. - Signal strength from AT&T If your phone is constantly trying to boost the signal your battery...
  15. MacManiac102

    The iPhone got me a hot new friend

    The power of the Apple strikes again! Of course... this brings up a good Borat scene. "Uh, where is this P**sy magnet?" "Well sir, Apple took this into account and installed it into your iPhone." "Very nice!"
  16. MacManiac102

    iPhone Stolen

    Yes it is possible for AT&T to do something... no they probably won't. Think about it... if this device were like the President's or something, all they would have to do is look and see if the person made a call. Of course, after the call ws made it would just be all to easy to track it down...
  17. MacManiac102

    What's the function of the dock?

    You know, I don't even remember if mine came attached or not. Now that I think about it... you are right. That is why Apple sells dock "adapters" for different types of iPods and such. Well, anyways, I like my dock.
  18. MacManiac102

    Is it safe to bring to school?

    Haha.... I'm screwed. But really if you don't got flashing it off and get it out of people's vision, you will probably be ok. Trust me, you will get tired of "Ohhhh my gorsh, is that an iPhone!?" after a while. Even a 10 sec demo given 1,000,000 times will stink.
  19. MacManiac102

    iPhone name change

    I know my stuff with Apple. Do what I said before you do anything else. There is no need to reset it nor call AT&T.
  20. MacManiac102

    What's the function of the dock?

    How have you synced yours? Did you just use like the cable from an iPod Video?