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    PC to Mac Help Please?

    My iPhone was previously synced to a Windows PC the I recently purchased a Macbook. I synced my contacts and photos from my windows iPhone to the macbook fine. I used an external HD to transfer my media files to the Mac the loaded them to iTunes. I restored the iPhone with the MacBook but...
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    How do I purchase the ID 5 screen iPhone?

    Is there a way to ensure that the phone I am purchasing has the brighter screen?
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    Rate Plans Revealed? It appears the iPhone rate plans from Cingular may be the same as Cingular’s current plan options: $39.99 a month for 450 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling, and 5,000 night and weekend minutes. The data...
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    Will iPhone support apps?

    This is the biggest question most people are asking that will determine weather or not they will invest 5-$600 for this devise. I really hope it supports ms office programs