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  1. sonicwind

    Safari gestures/swipes - there are none?

    I was just watching that video of the Joojoo. For all it's faults there was one feature that Made me realize either I am missing something about Safari, or Safari is missing something. On the joojoo, you can swipe up a page to delete that browser tab when you're done with it. On the iPad you...
  2. sonicwind

    restore iPad from iPhone backup?

    is there a problem? will it create a conflict? Mainly with the name of the device, I would think. screw it, I'm trying it out. ha!
  3. sonicwind

    Can just a regular iPad be used as an iPad ebook?

    Can just a regular PDF file be used as an iPad ebook? Or what about other text file formats like an html page, Text file or other Word processor file? Or is there some iTunes utility to convert file like that you have?
  4. sonicwind

    Handwriting recognition?

    One thing that was pretty awesome on Window Tablet PC (don't start) was handwriting recognition. Is there going to be none on the iPad? And if not, why not? Sure, if I am sitting and have both hands free, typing would prob be the easiest input, at least for a common typist. However if I am...
  5. sonicwind

    I'm so freakin excited about the iPad

    I can't wait til the 3rd. I don't know why. Some of it's just "I'm get new electronics!" I'm not a Mac user. But I do love the iPhone. I am planning on weighing the iPad against the HP slate. Some of it's I don't think anyone else I know is getting one, so I get to show off.
  6. sonicwind

    Favorite discovered use of iPad

    Those of you out there with prototype and beta models, what's your favorite unexpected use of your iPad? Mine's using it to lookup and follow cooking instructions in the kitchen, and then watching TV. Really needs multitasking in this scenario, though. It'd be nice if you could double tap a...
  7. sonicwind

    Sweet, I'm getting 2mbps at the Houston airport

    Never had this fast a connection before. Using PDANet on a 3GS. Anybody know of a 720p video program yet for the 3GS?
  8. sonicwind

    Cool 3GS/3.0 Feature of the day: Bluetooth Audio

    Just hooked my new 3GS to my Pioneer P4100DVD for the first time. I never tried the bluetooth audio before, but it works great. Once you've synced bluetooth for the first time, you never have to again, just get in the car, set the source to bluetooth and start jamming in iTunes, no wires. BTW...
  9. sonicwind

    Not happy with AT&T, phone not coming on Friday

    Just got off the phone with AT&T. I placed my order on last Friday. It still has not been shipped and they say my order is in "processing" and waiting for a phone to become available. She also says the shipping is marked for 2 day, not next day. And she says there was never any guarantee of...
  10. sonicwind

    Upgrading from 3G

    So I did the math. $400 is $200 more than $200. (Pretty smart, aren't I?). $175 is the cost to terminate early, less 5 * 11 months. Which comes out to be $120 to terminate. (This is getting really advance, you may need a graphing calculator.) So anyways, $120 is $80 less than $200.
  11. sonicwind

    iPhone warranty is a scam

    The mute switch on my iPhone 3G stopped working. Everything else works fine. The phone is in good physical condition. I took it into the Apple store to get it fixed. The tech starts shining a light into the bottom of the phone. He says it has water damage and thereforee the warranty is void. The...
  12. sonicwind

    Maps Broken/Frozen - and Fixed

    I used the Maps program extensively Sat., looking up auto parts stores, getting directions, calling them. It worked great and the other guys I was with were astounded by the functionality and it was REALLY useful. However at some point the screen got stuck on one auto parts store information...
  13. sonicwind

    Who else has gone insane playing Stupid Monkey Ball?

    ha ha ha ha. jibber jabber. damn-it! Did I ever tell you how I got these scars? ps: standing up seems to be the best way to play. it puts you in the best position for leveling the device and it seems like you can get the most exact minute adjustments by swaying your body.
  14. sonicwind

    Info: How to get faster 3G

    I've noticed and repeatedly confirmed, that if you hold your phone by the edges with your fingertips (rather than cupping the phone with the back of your hand, you get much better 3G access. Basically if you avoid blocking the antenna area while actually downloading pages, it's much faster. You...
  15. sonicwind

    Did you return your iPhone 3G?

    The question is simply, did you buy an iPhone 3G, decide you didn't like it and return it for a refund. Please state your reason why. I'm not asking for people who had to get an exchange because of a defect. With all the complaints about battery life, poor 3G performance, yellow screen...
  16. sonicwind

    Poll: Have you gotten a 3G already?

    Have you gotten a 3G already? I'm just curious how many people participating in this forum actually have phones vs those who don't for some reason. I want to know how many people would like to have one, but just haven't been willing to wait in line or weren't able to get one before they were...
  17. sonicwind

    OK, who's going to the first to post an Instinct Parody?

    Remember those Sprint Instinct vs. iPhone commercials? How will those tests hold up just a few weeks later against the iPhone 3G?