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    Things were perfect, now nothing works...

    So I had everything installed: VNotes Terminal SSH NES Installer Launcher…. Yada, yada.. So I notice there’s an update available. I lurk around to see how things go. Several people report after the update all mods work just fine. So today’s the day I decide to give this seemly pointless Apple...
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    Jawbone users, come inside..

    I’m seriously considering purchasing the Jawbone but I was looking for a feature that the Apple Bluetooth adapter has. Using the jawbone, if I’m on a call can I place the current call on hold to answer a call from call waiting?
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    Update Madness

    How many times a day do you click the “Check for Update” button in iTunes?
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    Lost iPhone ringer sound

    Take a look at this video. In the commercial near the end there’s a call from Anna Haro and the ringer sound is unique. Does anyone have or know where to get an .mp3 or audio file of that ringer so I can upload that to my phone?