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  1. The Toddfather

    No Nano? No Netbooks?

    $2500 netbook?
  2. The Toddfather

    Apple Becoming Synonymous With Petty

    Are you two trying to outpost each other?:laugh2: Between the two of you 3000+, wow! Remember, it not the size of the post...
  3. The Toddfather

    Warning: My Mac Was Attacked!

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)
  4. The Toddfather

    Warning: My Mac Was Attacked!

    Mark, you must admit you are a bit of a drama queen. From claiming your Mac has a virus to denying your daughter an Touch because of a lack of a wall charger, you tend to get yourself worked up a bit. I personally think you should take up knitting to work through these issues.:wink:
  5. The Toddfather

    Not retaining custom ringtones

    Hi, my name is Lucas. Welcome to Apple! Me: Hi Lucas: I understand that you have encountered an issue in which customer ring tones are not staying assigned to synced contacts. Is this correct? Me: Yes Lucas: This is actually a known issue that our engineers are working on. Basically what it is...
  6. The Toddfather

    Not retaining custom ringtones

    Yes, I'm using MobileMe. I'll submit feedback as well, maybe if enough people complain...
  7. The Toddfather

    Not retaining custom ringtones

    I'm having an issue with my 3G not retaining custom ringtones for more than a few hours. I assign a ringtone to a caller and within a day it reverts back to the default ringer, even after syncing with my Mac. Any ideas?
  8. The Toddfather

    iTunes 8 out now

    I'm getting no iPhone update, iTunes was up yesterday.
  9. The Toddfather

    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.2 Discussion

    Just as the last update, lag went away for a day or two then came back. Must be a memory issue?
  10. The Toddfather

    Is there a car charger for the Apple Bluetooth Headset?

    Yes, there is a Apple Bluetooth car charger. See link below...
  11. The Toddfather

    Is this true that about the 3G?

    It also says... *iPhone 3G will be activated at point of sale when the device is purchased in store. *Return period has been changed from 14 days to 30 days *$199 and $299 pricing is for new activations or qualified upgrades with a 2-year agreement *2G iPhone data rate plans will remain...
  12. The Toddfather

    Questions about selling old iPhone for iPhone 3G

    The information I received from my local ATT guy is that all iPhone plans come with 200 text regardless of which plan you chose and unlimited will be an additional $20. I hope he's correct.
  13. The Toddfather

    petition to investigate AT&T

    I just received a call from ATT saying that my roaming on partner networks is too high and if my usage isn't curtailed, I will have to find another carrier. I've had service for a year and haven't changed my traveling practices in that time. Has anyone heard of this before?
  14. The Toddfather

    iPhone 8gb discontinued

    Amen, 3G and GPS and I would gladly pay whatever Stevie asks.
  15. The Toddfather

    iPhone 8gb discontinued

    I wish you happiness and sincerely hope something good happens to you so you can get past this horrible miscarriage of justice.:laugh2: Sorry about your car.
  16. The Toddfather

    iPhone 8gb discontinued

    I wouldn't dream of calling you an idiot. I just can't understand why you continue to complain about the price nearly a year after the fact. Surely something good has happened to you in that time that you can focus on?
  17. The Toddfather

    iPhone 8gb discontinued

    Have I posted that sign before today? If you purchased an item without knowing the price, you're not too bright. If you purchased an item knowing the price then complain about it later, you're an idiot.
  18. The Toddfather

    iPhone 8gb discontinued

    For the love of God, give it up. No one forced you to buy it, you knew what it was and how much it cost so you did not get ripped off. Quit your damn whining.
  19. The Toddfather

    New, just a few questions

    Question for Chris, why was depthnerd banned?
  20. The Toddfather

    Where are the 1.1.4 release notes?

    I couldn't agree more. Why must everything, even a friggin update, be shrouded in secrecy?