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    iBrick question

    Happened to me once when I tried to take the *.mp4 off the end of the file. But if I just leave it alone it works fine.
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    SWITCHING homescreen icons?

    Yes, it's called rSBT.
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    Auto Brightness?

    Can't you just put your finger over the light sensor and watch it change? Or am I just slow this morning and that would trigger the proxy thing?
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    Steve's Email

    He's probably referring to the one that as up during the Jan keynote. Where it shows 'his' iPhone in iTunes. But that number is the number for Apple itself.
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    Youtube widget poll

    Happy. Would be nice to let people in the real world write those. Also can't wait for Nintendo to release some goodies. :D
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    Nine Days left how will you pass time?

    I hear that. Loud and clear.
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    Songs from iPod to iPhone?

    Not sure about the new versions of iTunes, but I had a similar debacle. When I plugged my ipod, full of music, into my freshly formatted computer a pop-up popped up saying that this ipod belonged to a different computer. Not sure what else it said, but after that it brought up the ipod...
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    typical file sizes?

    I don't know about you, but I'm already out of space. ;p
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    typical file sizes?

    2 Megs for a picture? Why would you want a 3,000 x 3,000 pixel picture on the iPhone screen? Sure you could zoom in.. But 2megs... Forgot where, but it was stated that the OS takes up less than 500 megs. But with the rest of the apps and whatnot.. I'm shooting at 700megs.
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    Honest questions answered.

    Best believe you want an unlimited data plan for that 'little' service.. Loving the icon for it. :D
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    iPhone emulator for Windows Mobile

    It will probably already have an option for that.
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    6PM Waiting Time

    whoops, I uh.. yeah my bad.. *looks down*
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    Best screen protector

    I would be down for a synthetic sapphire screen. :2cool: I don't care how much they smudge. And isn't the word "there" supposed to be used in that context? Or do I fail?
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    Only 8 GB max..

    Oh, my bad. Posting quickly at work isn't always a good idea. ;D
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    6PM Waiting Time

    Sounds self preserving to me.
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    Only 8 GB max..

    Someone said 8gigs of flash memory is the size of a nano? You could easily fit 5 of these things inside something smaller than a nano.
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    Does anybody notice the difference?

    Same here, lol.
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    Does anybody notice the difference?

    I was distracted by the first picture having two randomly long fingernails, and the rest being trimmed... eww..
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    Interesting Picture

    Mine has AT&T on the SiM card itself and Cingular on the screen. :D
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    Slashdot Article

    Well you're just a stick in the mud. And the iPhone is vastly different from other smartphones. At least as far as appearance and UI.