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    New Ringtone Organization w/1.1.2

    Just reloaded my iToner ringtones, and noticed that the iPhone now breaks up the display of ringtones with a header - First one says CUSTOM then displays your own tones - a grey divider then STANDARD with the built-in ringtones displayed. Pretty cool!
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    movies now show chapters

    When playing a movie ripped from dvd, the chapters now appear on the control panel - you can skip ahead/back by chapter using the forward/backward controller buttons! Yay! Haven't found anything else yet - but still looking! (I'm referring to the 1.0.2 update here of course!)
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    Contacts and the iPhone camera!

    Here's a cool little thing I "discovered" yesterday. If you are using your phone, and call a contact from your list - you will see your selected wallpaper in the background - behind the speakerphone/keypad/etc.. However, if you TAKE a picture of someone and ADD it to their contact info - the...
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    New info on launch time at AT&T Stores

    Taken from engadget: Further iPhone launch day details unearthed Darren Murph Today, 03:20 PM Filed under: Cellphones Alright, you already knew what day the thing was launching, then you discovered the time, and finally, you realized that you wouldn't even have to get off work early...
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    June 29th - AT 6PM

    Steve just announced the date (again) and time.. 6PM? Huh?
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    First Song/Video? (or.. something to pass the time waiting)

    So we're all chomping at the bit waiting for our new iPhone. here's a little post to keep us occupied while we wait for WWDC feeds to reload, a solid price on the data plan, and whether or not we'll need to air out our sleeping bags... What will your FIRST SONG and VIDEO be? Mine (as of...