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  1. Allan knight

    Armor Series.

    In January Otterbox will announce the release of their all new Armor Series case for the iPhone5 and the S3. LifeProof rushed their new case to market and it has a lot of problems. This new Otterbox is supposed to be waterproof. Shock and dust proof. If it doesn't have the problems that the LP...
  2. Allan knight

    Bad vision

    Going in for cataract surgery in the morning. I'm too young for this but oh well. Atleast my vision won't be blurry any more
  3. Allan knight

    Which case is best

    Yesterday I bought the iphne5 64gig. I've had LPcases in the past but I've heard a lot of bad reviews about the LP Fre' case. What does every body think of of the LP case? Or do you like another case even more.