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  1. Terry M.

    Anyone remember me?

    Hey guys and gals. Just got my iPhone 7 plus and decided to check back in here. It's been a long time. Hope all of you are well!
  2. Terry M.

    What does this icon mean? Just showed up....

    upper right corner next to the location services arrow. It looks like a lock with a circle around it? Never had it before. Thanks
  3. Terry M.

    I can't delete all my notifications in the swipe down screen

    When I swipe down to get my notifications I used to be able to delete them by hitting the "x" and go about my business. Now on iOS 9 I hit the "x" to delete and not all of them will delete anymore. I've got a long list of old notifications piling up on me and no way to delete them. Anybody got...
  4. Terry M.

    Credit Karma app?

    Has anyone on here ever used the app? Sounds like something I'd want but security becomes a serious question on my phone. Is it password protected (I assume)? Is it really free? Does it do what it says? The reviews on the App Store seem good but that could be stuffed. I trust the opinions on...
  5. Terry M.

    How to change stocks shown in notification screen?

    As the title implies, how do I do this? I can't find anything in settings or on the search function here. Or am I blind
  6. Terry M.

    Europa is great and all knowledgable

    Much like the Wizard of Oz. thanks for all the help you provide on here to those of use that have lost our way. Now back to your regularly scheduled forum skimming. :-)
  7. Terry M.

    Can someone help me before my wife kills me?

    My wife had an iPhone before I did but now I've went back again. The problem is that since we share the same iTunes account our info is getting interchanged on our separate phones. Example: the contacts I put in my phone show up on her contacts list also, and vice versa. Also Siri can't tell us...
  8. Terry M.

    I'm back again!

    Hey guys! After being away for a couple years and trying a few different Android phones including a Galaxy active, and a couple HTC ones I've figured out that I missed the best phone out there and just yesterday came back to the iPhone 6 plus. Hope a few of you remember me. I remember Naps...
  9. Terry M.

    iPad 4 suddenly not charging

    My wife got an iPad 4 for Christmas so I'm not too familiar with it yet, but up until today it was charging just fine. She would use the charge cable and AC adapter that came with it. Today, it just stopped charging. The battery indicator is there with the percentage but no lightning bolt...
  10. Terry M.

    Wrapsol for the iPhone 5 (review)

    I really like the Wrapsol products. They offer superior scratch protection and a minimal amount of drop protection (IMO) while keeping the thin and sleekness of the phones it covers. Never more so is this the case than with the iPhone 5. You're able to keep the lightweight "sexiness" of the...
  11. Terry M.

    Quick ? About streaming Netflix

    Folks, Don't know anyone on my physical world that might know so thought I'd ask here: I have a 3 yr old laptop that has an old processor in it. Is it possible that could be why when streaming Netflix that it buffers all the time and slows down playback? My Internet speed via the router is...
  12. Terry M.

    Barely audible tones / no sound/ iPhone 5

    I had this problem on my iPhone 4 and so I knew what to do to try and fix it, but as far as I can tell this is the first time anyone has reported it happening on the iPhone 5. If this happens, more than likely, you've had earphones or some type of cable plugged into the earbuds port. Try...
  13. Terry M.

    Apple Store says lightening adapter won't work to charge?

    I called the local Apple store last night to see if they had the lightning adapter in stock yet. I was told yes. So I hopped in the truck and drove 30 mins to the store. I go in and am directed to a small box that looks suspiciously like the cord that came with the phone. Uh okay.... I asked two...
  14. Terry M.

    Lifeproof iPhone 5 update

    Just got this e-mail from Lifeproof: Thank you for signing up for the iPhone 5 pre-order list. We know you love your iPhone 5 and want a case that lets you take it everywhere without worrying about drops, scratches, daily living or the elements. Our goal is for you to have your...
  15. Terry M.

    iPhone is on silent, your set alarm will still go off

    and your phone is on silent - your set alarm will still go off. I did not know this. I know this now. So does the pastor and the congregation. Right in the middle of the sermon. Yep. Middle of the sermon. Go ahead and laugh at me
  16. Terry M.

    Password for voicemail? When did this start?

    Got the 5 now and I'm seeing this pop up that says my password is incorrect. I've decided to NOT use a password so I just hit cancel, but it's coming up a lot and not just in the voicemail screen. Sometimes it's popping up in any of the phone screens. When did Apple start using this? Anyone help...
  17. Terry M.

    Quick pre order question. Never done it

    You order either in store or on-line 14th. You have it roughly before or on the 21st. At what point do I need to have my money ready? Ordering? Shipping date? Sent from my iCafe using iPhone app
  18. Terry M.

    "Cannot connect to Apple app store" WTF?

    I've been getting this pop-up for the past week or so. Anyone else? I did a search and didn't see any other post about it. What's the problem? Thanks! Sent from my iCafe using iPhone app
  19. Terry M.

    iPhone broke in OtterBox

    Hey guys. My wife just called me from home and said she dropped her iPhone while in the OtterBox and the case and phone broke. I haven't seen the damage yet but I wondered if I can't fix it, does anyone know if OtterBox has a warranty? I didn't see anything on their homepage but maybe I missed...
  20. Terry M.

    Severe weather app suggestions?

    Hey folks. With the summer months coming up and severe weather following, I'd like to get an app that will sound off with an alarm when a tornado is close by..... just like the severe weather radios that you can buy. From what I've searched I think this one may work best but since we can't get a...