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  1. Iceblinkluck

    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    Here is Chewy, our new long haired Doxie
  2. Iceblinkluck

    MMS coming soon?

    This is also an AT&T issue. when the iPhone was first jailbroken, there was an app for mms. However, AT&T soon disabled your ability to send mms messages. Tmobile users were still able to send mms on a jailbroken unlocked iPhone at that time. There is a post about this somewhere here in EIC...
  3. Iceblinkluck

    for those who are interested about the secondary alert for text massage

    i think this is an annoying feature, considering that you can't shut it off.
  4. Iceblinkluck

    Code for 1500 SMS for $8.99 for Premier members only

    U200, BM350. I was interested in more talk time.
  5. Iceblinkluck

    Code for 1500 SMS for $8.99 for Premier members only

    I called today 9.13.08. this was a disaster. After 35 min hold, the woman who answered put me on hold again for a few minutes and then came back and claimed that "no one there has heard of such a code". After some prodding on my part she entered the code anyway and said it didn't work. It...
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    Is she the hottest iPhone developer ever? :)

    love the accent... but needs to eat a steak or two...
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    Please give your opinion on the iPhone 3G

    I got 250 dollars in Apple gift cards and so I took the plunge yesterday. So the phone cost me 50 dollars. I notice a few things, first the phone came with 2.0.2 loaded on it. Second the buying process at the Apple store was effortless. Third, setting up the new phone was easy. fourth, the 3g...
  8. Iceblinkluck

    Anyone have any idea: A2DP when?

    The proprietary headphones will probably have certain features just like the Apple bluetooth headset has now that other headphones will lack, but I doubt they will prevent other headphones from working.
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    My procrastinating is getting horrid!

    Dude, go through the withdrawal and go to a local starbucks/cafe/library every day without your iPhone (painful I know) and sit and do your homework. If you stay at home Disconnect your computer by having someone in your house hide the power cord/battery (if it is a laptop, or just the monitor...
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    Camping out at Best Buy....

    Perhaps Talutha doesn't live by an Apple store. I read about people here traveling over 2 hours to get to the nearest Apple store...
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    Purchased apps not working anymore?

    I have a v1. If I download apps to the phone, when I sync, the apps show up on my mac. Perhaps it is the v1 and mac that make the difference, but I don't see how.
  12. Iceblinkluck

    I got these iPhone nano style phones in...

    This phone also comes with only 256 mb of memory and you need to use an sd card to expand it, but only up to 2gb. And isn't this just totally illegal? The screenshots show the iPhone OS, but how can it be legal for this company to use the OS that it has no liscence for? I also don't get the...
  13. Iceblinkluck

    iPhone 3G a breakthrough?

    From what I read on blackberry forums, a lot of users like the physical keyboard. Maybe it is just iPhone envy. I am quite used to the on screen keyboard from the iPhone. I never used a bb, but have used a treo for some time. I still don't like the Apple predictive text software...
  14. Iceblinkluck

    iPhone 3G a breakthrough?

    Most blackberry users will never use a touchscreen device. I wonder how the thunder (storm) will do when it comes out.
  15. Iceblinkluck

    I have managed to destroy my iPhone

    Did you try perhaps connecting it to a different computer? Not sure if that will help, but it might.
  16. Iceblinkluck

    New owner...a few questions

    I think it would be helpful to know what apps you used most on your blackberry and then people can tell you the equivalent on your iPhone, if it exists.
  17. Iceblinkluck

    Anyone suprized by charge time?

    maybe next gen iPhone will have a silver-zinc battery setup. I know they started recently using them in laptops.
  18. Iceblinkluck

    login on main page?

    Thanks Chris :)
  19. Iceblinkluck

    login on main page?

    I noticed that as of the past few days I can't login on the main homepage of EIC anymore. There used to be a login/password field on the right side of the page. Is this happening for anyone else? It was really convenient, please fix it! Now you have to go to the forums and login there. I am...
  20. Iceblinkluck

    MacBook Are new MacBooks getting released anytime soon?

    the new ones may have blue ray if that is important to you. Also they will probably have the multitouch mouse pad like the air. maybe an aluminum casing? (at a premium price), more ports, backlit/glowing keyboard, software will be identical. Bestbuy is running some sales now to clear stock...