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    Summerboard Themes: w/ iShare->iPhone Download

    I love the Reflections dock. I use it with the Leopard theme (copied to a theme called Reflections).
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    Cool things I've done with my iPhone. How 'bout you?

    One happy Verizon/WM->AT&T/OSX customer I could do all of this plus a lot more with my XV6700 as well. But, I could only do it after rebooting the phone since it froze up after any substantial use or three days, which ever came first (literally). To make it worse the reboot got longer each...
  3. G Flash is coming to the iPhone!

    Settings > Safari > Plug-ins [On/Off]
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    Bookmarklets work!

    I had never heard of bookmarklets but I use javascript:... in the URL bar all the time. I never thought to bookmark them though. The following bookmarklet will run the current page through google's Mobile Device HTML converter thingy. So, if a page is taking forever to load (and you can stop it...
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    Video format for iPhone

    I imported some avi (divx) files into iMovie. It was going to take forever to actually export the new file according to the specs below. So, I just grabbed the .mov files from ~/Media directory under the project and synced it. And, it worked! Video...
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    How do you adjust the bottom four quick link buttons ...

    I know that you can change the quick buttons on the bottom of the iPod app (playlists, artists, video, etc.). I don't remember ever seeing/hearing about the main buttons being customizable.
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    RealVNC Widget

    I just wanted to say that I've been using Terminal Services, which has been renamed to Remote Desktop on my Windows Mobile Phones (to my PC) for 3 years now. You do have to scroll around a bit but it is definitely useful. I mainly use it for things that I can't do on my phone directly (which...