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    Changing Computer, best way to transfer all data?

    Howdy Well, i have replaced my desktop, so now i don't have all my iTunes data, music, movies etc of my new one, and i want to now connect my iPhone to add some more songs, movies etc Is there software i can download that will take everything off my iPhone and onto my new desktop? Any help...
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    Unlocking iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.1

    I have a spare iPhone 4 lying around with a broken screen, im going to get screen fixed and give it to the missus, i need to unlock it and actually have a gevey turbo sim but i believe with the gevey sim there are some methods and sequences you have to go through everytime you turn the phone on...
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    Ridiculous Streaming time

    Howdy all Well, have received Apple tv 2 for Christmas, trying to get me head around it! All connected up last night, tried to rent a film, then got a streaming time of 13hours and this varied and went up to 21 days at one point Gave it another go today and am getting the same, hovering...
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    4S and Gevey SIM?

    Hi guys I've come across a problem, as you prob know, to set up a phone with the new iOS5 you need to go through a process, ive recently got a 4S locked to another network to my sim, i have a gevey sim to use with it but gevey sim won't allow me to set up 4s and there is a process to activate...
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    Problem with iPod, won't turn on at all

    Hi guys, as above, cant get it to function whatsoever, all im getting is what is on screen in pic, nothing else? nothing even happens when i plug it into iTunes, i bought this v cheap due to this problem, i didn't think it was major? any ideas?
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    Boosting phone signal

    Hi guys Ive recently moved premises in work and my desk has very little mobile phone signal, is there any booster or something that i can fit or anything to try and give me that little bit more or is it a matter of walking outside for every phonecall?
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    Dropped phone, now in headphone mode?

    Hi folks Dropped my phone today and now it seems to be in earphone mode so I can only talk on loudspeaker, and solutions? Cheers
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    Email issues out of WiFi zone

    Hi guys Hope you can help me here, I've had this problem since I got this phone a couple of months ago, I can only seem to send emails when I'm in a wifi zone? Even with 3G coverage they just won't send, it receives emails just fine but no joy sending them Killing me at the moment as I've just...
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    Only able to send email over WiFi?

    Hi guys I'm having some problems with my '4', I can't send emails when not in a wifi's been happening for a while but only trying to sort it now, I'm in wifi zone at home and wifi in work but if I try send an email in-between it won't go...even If I'm on 3G? Anyone any ideas Also, my...
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    How do I make my iMac wireless?

    Hi guys Anyone any idea on how to make my iMac to work with my wireless router? It's not prepped for wireless Cheers Mark
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    New iPhone 4 issue

    Hey guys Well I got my new '4' over the weekend, I also changed network carrier so this may help you solve my problem Since I got the new piece I've had this blue circle on the top left of the screen? It occasionally changes to '3G' , I believe it's something to do with Internet connection...
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    Foreign object in headphone socket?

    Hi guys Past few days my headphone jack hasn't sat into the socket right, is very easy to just spring out and I don't know if it's my imagination but I believe sound quality is I assume there is some dust in there or something, any one any tips on what to use to clean it out or...
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    From Ireland to Florida tomorrow

    Hi Guys Mate of mine is off to Florida tomorrow, im wondering should i give him some money to get me an iPhone 4, whats the situation with buying them over there out of contract? and how much $$? will he have to buy an iPhone pay as you go or is that even possible? Cheers M
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    mail sync issue since upgrading to Microsoft Outlook

    Hi Guys All was working fine on my iPhone mail, but since i installed microsoft office which includes microsoft outlook, all the mail i have in my inbox has been deleted from my iPhone's inbox, its all in outlook but none in iPhone, how can this be solved prob an easy fix? cheers guys
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    MacBook Pro AHHH.... Can't turn it on!

    Hi guys Ive a Macbook pro bought 6 months ago, the other day i got a copy of windows 7 and had the intentions of running boot camp so i can use somw windows program, i stuck the cd in but didn't have time to install it so shut comp down, next morning i turned it back on and it automatically...
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    Junk mail problems?

    Hi Guys All has been going well with my iPhones up until recently, in my mail i have 3 mail accounts, all work fine with no problems, check for new mail every 15 mins etc etc, but for the past month i have been getting an annoying amount of junk mail to my businesss email acc, it seems to be...
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    Mail not saving e-mails?

    Im using my gmail and my work email on my iPhone mail program, my gmail all works fine and it stores all my mail on the iPhone aswell as in gmail but my work email, as soon as i read it on my computer its gone off if i need to read an email while im out of office i cant? anyone...
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    iMac Anyway to play a windows DVD?

    Just wondering is there anyway to play a windows/PC DVD on a mac? a powermac G4 to be precise Thanks guys
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    iMac Setting up a business so need help?

    Im setting up a small businesss...i will need software to create and print invoices, hold stock of items and keep records of all my spending and invoices going out? does Apple have something like this or will i need to move to pc for that?
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    iMac Software too old?

    i just got myself an imac G5 and i tried plugging in my iPhone, it says it cant sync because it needs software 10.4 or later.....ahhh......what do i do now?