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    iPhone 3G Reception Survey

    no reception with 3G on OK, after weeks of bad phone reception in my condo, today I turned 3G off and magically 5 bars appear. Now I have great reception throughout my condo. I live in downtown SF where 3G is fully deployed. Also, iPhone never made it to 6PM without the 20% battery...
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    Need advice for International travel

    I agree with Skyyboy, the international data plans are great. Just be sure to reset your usage stats when you land so you can track your MBs.
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    Did 1.1.1 Update slow down EDGE access?

    I have not noticed any change either.
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    Yahoo push email finally working?

    after not working for a few days, my yahoo mail starting working again today.
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    Yahoo push e-mail problem

    I'm with you brother -- i've had many problems with yahoo email push. I picked up this process here and it usually gets yahoo to start sending email agian. 1. log onto your yahoo account from your pc and move all messages in your inbox into a temp folder you set up. 2. delete your yahoo...
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    Why does my iPhone induce static with other electronics?

    Blackberry's cause the same problem and it affects speakerphones at the office all the time. I noticed my iPhone has the same affect. Like geordisjd said, you have to move it far enough away from other electronics or go into airplane mode. It's a real pain.
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    Do you still use your iPod?

    I use my 60gb 5g when I travel on flights over a couple of hours and at my home to drive my stereo.
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    Major Issue With Mail

    Greg, thanks for your advice on going back to classic Yahoo! mail vs. the bata. I switched back to classic yesterday and so far mail is working. Fingers crossed...
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    Major Issue With Mail

    I've had the same problem with my Yahoo email. Some days it works and other days it does not. Today is a good day. I find that if I delete the account and then set it up again it usually starts to work. As for the never ending 'checking for mail' if you go to your Sent or Drafts folder it will...
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    Yahoo push email problems since update...

    thanks to both GuyFawkes and spyz88. I tried the delete all messages fix and it appears to be working. cheers...
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    Email is being a ***** ever since the update

    can't get my yahoo mail via push since update.
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    Yahoo push email problems since update...

    yes, i'm unable to receive any email on my iPhone, altough I can send messages. even tried deleting my yahoo account and setting it up again on my iPhone. still cannot receive... any suggestions?
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    Pocket Solution's Case...

    thanks for the great review. i'm going to check it out.
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    Much happier w/o my INCASE !

    I agree! I used my incase for 1 day but had to take it off. Just didn't feel right in my hand or in my pocket.
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    Yahoo email-lost emails!

    Yesterday, I experienced the same issue with Yahoo mail and lost a number of email messages from folders. Also, I could not receive any email on the iPhone even though I could see them using my laptop browser. Everything started to work by late afternoon and continues to work today. Don't know...
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    Yahoo mail is junk, even outside of the iPhone

    Until today, I have had good service with my Yahoo email. But, today I have been unable to get any new message on my iPhone.
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    Moda Vibe duo: is it me?

    can't wait for VModa's next gen. sounds like what i'm looking for. thanks for the info.
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    Has any one met other iPhone users in the public?

    in the elevator yesterday, a co-worker asked me what's new? pulled out my iPhone and said this is. he pulled his out of this pocket and said 'i agree'. it was a great moment.
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    Was not able to return my iPhone

    touché... so true
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    If I Need to Exchange My Defective Phone...

    my exchange was very smooth and easy. bring your box and all original components. the box is important because they can scan the serial number to reassign your sim.