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    Holy Antenna, Batman! (Initial Impressions?)

    as far as number 4 goes, (if I understand correctly) there is an orientation lock switch. Double tap like you are going to switch apps and go to the left and its the square on the very far left. You can only lock it into portrait though at this time
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    PwnageTool 4.0 Released: Jailbreak & Unlock iOS 4

    I'm gonna try to restore it on another computer and see what happens.
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    PwnageTool 4.0 Released: Jailbreak & Unlock iOS 4

    Every time I try to restore using the custom firmware I get the 1604 error. Whats the fix for this?
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    So i wont have a case if i get my iPhone 4 on June 23rd

    I heard best buy is already selling iPhone 4 cases, not sure tho. I'm about to head over to check it out for myself.
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    White iPhones at BB

    where did you guys see this at?
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    Oh Snaps! Some more promising news for White iPhones @ Bestbuy!

    Yesterday when Best Buys iPhone Launch Plan Leaked this was part of it. Which clearly states White iPhones will not be included in launch day. So I am guessing unless some crazy miracle happens, we're gonna have to wait. :/
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    iOS 4.0 Release TIME

    Live here too
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    "Unlocked" iPhone 3G Searching for Network.

    I purchased an iPhone 3G today, I jailbroke it with Pwnage Tool. After creating the custom restore and everything I tried unlocking it using UltraSn0w, I was sure to turn off 3g and restarted the phone everything. But when I inserted my sim all it will show is searching... I never have this...
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    Checked Songs

    I am currently shuffling through my library and the only songs playing are the ones I have checked to sync with my iPhone is there anyway to fix this where the unchecked songs get played too?
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    MacBook Pro Displaying MBP on TV, What cords are needed?

    exactly what I needed to know, Thanks :]
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    MacBook Pro Displaying MBP on TV, What cords are needed?

    In order to connect my MBP to my TV, what cord do I need that goes from the TV to the DVI adapter? Thanks.
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    T-mobile $9.99 web unlimited with iPhone 3G

    I am using T-Zones for I think 5.99 and it works great!
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    Ringtone problem?

    is there a certain number you can have?
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    Ringtone problem?

    All my ringtones are showing up in iTunes but when I go to sync my phone theyre not all showing up under the Ringtones tab. So when it "syncs all" it doesn't add the newest added ones. Suggestions?
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    What is the APN address, user name and password when using T-MobileWeb? Thanks.
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    Uninstalling Installer.

    I just never use it. And as far as ssh I don't know how to do that..
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    Uninstalling Installer.

    How do I uninstall Installer? I thought it would be as easy as clicking on Uninstall then Installer and it would be at the top right but instead mine says Reinstall? suggestions?
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    ZiPhone Question

    upgrading to 1.1.3 and then unlocking with ZiPhone ok?