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    Family Share with strings?

    I noticed on the Apple site that there is an asterisk by the sharing of purchases that says that not all purchases are included. I wonder what isn't included.
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    Transfer files from USB to idevice without computer or internet.

    Buy a portable wi-fi router with file sharing such as MOCREO 5-in-1 Portable WiFi (not personally vouching for this one it just happens to be the one I have and it cost less than the Apple connection cables). Plug your USB stick into the router Connect your phone via wi-fi to the router. Log...
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    Any newly found stinkers?

    Things that don't work as expected or restrictions you don't like (not actual bugs) Such as Newsstand won't go in a folder No gestures on ipad1
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    Will they change the screen size? and how?

    Since the first iPhone in 2007, it has had a 3.5-inch display. Will they change the screen size? If so, how will they do it? Please take the poll and comment in this thread on what you selected and why.
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    question about getting service with AT&T

    I have a friend from Germany who is in the US for about 6 months. He purchaced an iPhone 3gs here and wants to get service. He went to the AT&T store but they told him he had to have a 2 year contract and that there was nothing they could do about it because it was an Apple thing not an AT&T...
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    App for filling in pdf forms?

    Does anyone know of an app that will properly read and allow you to fill in pdf forms? I have plenty of apps that will let me mark-up or annotate over regular pdfs but i need one that will allow me to fill in the text boxes built into the pdf.
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    I need an app to transfer files.

    I need to transfer a doc file from my doc2go app on my iPhone to doc2go on my ipad. I need it to work without connecting to a computer. I need it to work without internet access. Wifi may or may not be an option. Jailbreaking is not an option. I purchaced Bluetooth FileShare as it looked...
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    4.2 feature not advertised.

    I found something new they did not advertise... That I have seen. New volume control. Double click the home button to get to running apps. Swipe right to see iPod controls. Swipe right again to see volume slider.
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    No 7" iPad

    Jobs said in an interview that they will not be making a 7" ipad.