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    Will there be a new Verizon iPhone this summer?

    My update will be around then so lets hope they do! :D
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    Verizon unlimited data - truly unlimited?

    I have never experienced a problem with VZ and Data but a bit of googling shows otherwise:
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    The future of the iPod touch as I see it.

    in the near future I'd expect to see 2 versions of the iPod touch A game model, as we saw from the recent press conference and then a "close to iPhone" model. Jobs is quoted as saying they were looking to cut cost of the iPod touch by not including the camera this would help them get market share...
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    Possible to use AT&T with no data plan?

    ive been gone for a while so I can't help you answering that question exactly HOWEVER, att says in theyre contract that they reserve the right to add an appropriate data plan at anytime on your contract if they find out you are using an iPhone
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    Can I hustle my 3GS this way?

    I don't see why not.
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    Laptop For college suggestions!

    Total COST: $600 1199-100 student discount 1099-200 (Sold iPod touch) 899-100 iPhone over charge credit 799-199 (iPhone 3g giftcard contest on EIC) 600 :D Thanks guys I'm loving this already. its actually a little cheaper because I got a free printer. I would have bought a new one anyway
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    Laptop For college suggestions!

    I got the Mac Book Pro 13 inch. Only 2gb of Ram I asked for 4 but idk why I didn't get it. What should I do about upgrading? I got a "free" iPod Touch 8gb and a free printer. They will both be free after Rebate. It should take about 2 weeks. I downloaded a few programs already, but I'm still...
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    Laptop For college suggestions!

    Is anyone anticipating a new macbook by September? If not is it ok for me to get one now?
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    Laptop For college suggestions!

    Hey all. I am graduating from High School on Friday and I am ready to start looking into getting my supplies for college. Like most college goers I am going to get a laptop Does anyone have a suggestion for a college laptop? It does not need to be super amazing because I have a desktop for...
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    Will you buy the iPhone 3GS?

    I will not upgrade until I see how Apple and AT&T's exclusive contract goes. Think will eventually bring the iPhone to another network. Don't you think this will happen in the next 2 years? While your locked into a contract?
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    3G S and 3G comparison

    IT looks like Apple is trying to bash their own product. Look over at the 3g side Only in black? Only 8 gb?
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    New iPhone 3GS Specs

    Sweet. I need more info!
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    "Settings icon " vanished

    Do you have boss prefs installed? Check to see if Settings is being hidden by POOF!
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    The Ultimate Bacon Thread
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    Pics of purported 3rd-gen iPhone from Hong Kong

    I don't know about that. Everything seen is all software related so we really cant be sure of anything based off of that.
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    The new iPhone Nano?

    Why so much unused space?
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    How Much Could I Sell My "6GB 3G Data Plan" For?

    DO you mean selling your phone contract? There is a site out there called Cellswapper which might be what your looking for.
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    First time cooking!

    I was so proud when I cooked my first food. Well not exactly "first" but my first IM STARVING I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING! food. It was pasta w/ red sauce Turned out alright. I wound up eating the whole box of noodles because I didn't want it to go to waste. I need to learn portion control :D
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    iTunes compromised through AT&T? possibly

    I had this happen to me one time with a xbox 360 parts website. I had been there before but I googled the name because I wasn't sure of the exact address. SO I get ready to check out and I see the ship to address is someplace I have never heard of. So I edit the guys mailing address to say...