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    Props to Jobs for making even more money

    Give a $100 store credit that forces you to buy an Apple product (minus their profit margin on that) and also considering theres a few products that only require shelling out $50 or so with that store credit will persuade a lot of people to pay it, and some will even buy more expensive products...
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    Apple Forums are Down!

    We're sorry, Apple Discussions is temporarily unavailable. We'll be back soon. Until then, please visit I wonder what they are doing lol
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    Share EDGE? Possible?

    Is there a possibility of creating a hack that can allow sharing EDGE, lets say to other wifi products nearby?
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    What warrants a new iPhone on the spot or repair service?

    Just wondering since I'm planning on going to the Apple store tomorrow (I really don't want to drive all that way after a long day and in traffic for an eternity). Honestly unless they have a miracle fix that they can do in the store I don't want to send it off to some repair service. I guess...
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    strange problems today, screen and signal

    Ok today first time ever, some crazy stuff has started. Signal, my GOD! was insanely nuts today, 5-4-5-4-1-5-4-5-4-1 bars Then I'd be using the iPhone and all of a sudden the screen would blink 2 or three times and I'd be back at the "slide" screen.
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    NOOOOOOOO! oh my gosh!

    I dropped my iPhone for the first time today while I was working out. I hate cases, but I guess im going to get one for working out. I swiped the cable to the earphones and it went crashing to the cement. It didn't even shut off! My razr when I first dropped it, shut off. Guess the iPhone is...
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    This is bad! partial external speaker works (ringer and alarm), but not iPod or ytube

    This is very bad. All of a sudden my ringer works, (woke me up as alarm) then I go into ipod and its not working on external speaker (only headphone) then I go into youtube, same thing. I reset and still the same!
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    Anyone else have this issue with update? (mail)

    In mail, press edit. when you select to delete it looks a bit screwed up? also notice that once you delete one it auto selects the next one.
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    Strange, h.264 movie wont sync

    Very strange, I have a bunch of mp4 h.264 videos in iTunes and when I try to add this one, it says cannot be played on iPhone..... very odd.....
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    subsidized iPhone

    I hope it never happens. I don't want what happened with my razr a few months after I got it. At the rate of iPhone sales I don't see it happening especially with the "status" Apple products have
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    Should I return the iPhone?

    Alright today while looking at some real estate I just whip out the iPhone and the screen isn't responding (black, not turning on). Its on silent and I see that little light on the side of the phone, so I figured it isn't completely busted. Then I put it up to my ear and the speaker is giving...