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  1. J

    32 gb iPhone in 09?

    its possible!
  2. J

    iSkin for iPhone 3G

    I liked the revo i was just wondering if anyone had any info on the one for the 3g like price or release date it should be this month
  3. J

    Good iPhone compatible alarm clock?

    I need a new alarm clock and would like to get one with an ipod dock that i could use my iPhone with any suggestions. I am able to turn edge off so im not worried about that.I just want one that will charge and play my music.
  4. J

    I think my phone is jailbroken

    I Think my phone is jailbroken i used the thing but i cant access the file system in manzana i would like to know if there is anything i can do to make it so i can add custom icons and battery bars etc.
  5. J

    Apple Component AV Cable

    Does any one know if the component av cable does work with the iPhone for audio and video purposes? It is listed uder cables and docks for iPhone on the Apple store
  6. J

    remove icons from home screen but....

    i would like to remove some icons from my home screen but i would like to be able to use the apps by going to the launcher app any help?
  7. J

    Apollo im custom icon req

    Does any one have an apollo im custom icon? if u do please share better yet a picture of the yellow aim guy that would work as an icon im an impatient person so i made my own it looks a lot better as an icon believe me
  8. J

    need some help with manzana

    i try to put ringtones on manually but they don't show up in the sounds menu i convert them using iTunes to m4a and ive tried mp3 any help ok i know there is another way to do it but i prefer this way which previously worked for me prior to the update
  9. J

    Ifuntastic 2.0 mod software

    i don't have a mac which this program currently only runs on but i thought i would share anyway. I hope this program is compatible with windows soon here is a link to a descriptive site abiut the program
  10. J

    Do You Think We Could Add A Tutorial Thread?

    Alot of people are posting mod ideas and files and things for the mods but me and maybe a few other people on eti don't exactly know what to do with the files could you please help us out and tell us how to do some of the mods thanks to who ever helps
  11. J

    Wi Fi trouble please help!

    When on wi fi in my home i try to load a page in safari but it always tells me "Safari cant open the page because it cant find the server." if any one knows how to fix this problem please help me also i am running win xp with a linksys modem and wireless router
  12. J

    Customized ColorWare iPhone

    I would like to get a colored case put on my iPhone using this service but i would like to know has anyone had this done to their iPhone and is it a quality case Here is a link to their site: Sorry Guys but after reading about it on the...