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    Bought game on iPhone, synced to computer, game gone now asking me to rebuy?

    Is that right? I purchased a game on my iPhone. I re-synced my computer and now it (and a few other free apps) are now gone. I went back to the game via App store and its asking me to repurchase it.
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    iHome IP99 iPhone Clock Radio now available (No buzz, no airplane mode)

    Just saw the new iHome IP99 at my local Apple store. Price was $149.95. It promised no buzz and no airplane mode. Box clearly shows an iPhone as well. Anyone buy this yet?
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    My E in Edge is gone and now replaced with a solid square?

    Anyone else had this happen to them? I did a restore from a backup and its still present, along with my hacked custom carrier name. However the solid E was not there yesterday and Ive had the hacked carrier for months now (I have not jailbroken since 1.1.1 but can't get rid of the custom carrier).
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    Help! iTunes says 1.0.2 is the latest update? Where is 1.1.1?

    Anyone know? My iTunes says 1.0.2 is the current update even after clicking the "Check for Update" button. Whats going on?
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    iTunes on iPhone...Buying a song through your AT&T account or through iTunes?

    Im confused here. If I buy a song on my iPhone through the iTunes icon...does it get charged to my AT&T bill, or through my normal billing methods of iTunes?
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    Best video converter for the iPhone?

    Hey all. Looking to convert some videso (.divx, .avi etc.) to an iPhone compatible file. Whats the best program for this? Most of the ones I found only allow 5 minutes or simply won't work at all.
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    No sound from my iPhone for certain things?

    So I was listening to music in my car through the headphone jack and AUX port of my car. Everything was fine. I got home, went about my usual stuff, and now I can't get any sound to play from my iPod unless I select a ringtone or someone calls me. No 'keypresses' when I dial a number, no music...
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    Does receiving e-mails on iPhone count as Text Messages?

    Do they? If I receive and reply to an e-mail though my iPhone, does this count as a text message?
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    GMail help...Sent messege comes back?

    Hey all. Just got my iPhone and just registered a Gmail account as well to use with it. I have since changed over all my other accounts so all my Ebay, Craigslist, Personal etc. goto this e-mail address. The problem I am having is anytime I send an e-mail (reply), the message will get sent out...