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    Locking ringtone volume?

    Is there a way? I have the sounds lock turned on but the side button on the iPhone will still accidentally turn the ringtone volume down and then I miss calls.
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    iTunes slow startup

    On Windows XP, my iTunes takes up to 20 to 30 seconds to start after I click the icon. Doesn't show an hourglass except for a few seconds, then I just have to wait it out before iTunes actually starts. Is this normal? Is this because it is basically a Mac program running on Windows? Thanks
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    AT&T's outrageous billing practices

    I planned a vacation in Canada for two weeks in August so I added an international plan to my service to get a reduced rate on roaming charges. I've now returned, no longer in Canada, so I've cancelled the extra plan. Now AT&T informs me that I should keep the extra plan for another month...
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    An earphone question

    I have a friend who lost hearing in one ear. So on his iPhone he only hears one channel of the stereo music. For him it would be better to listen to both channels combined in one ear. So if one adds a simple mono mini plug adapter to the earphone jack, would that combine both signals into each...
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    Authorizing another computer

    I KNOW this has been asked/answered before but for some reason my archive searches are not succeeding. I've authorized a second computer to use with my iPhone and I want to be sure the music library EXACTLY matches my first computer and iPhone, including cover art, photos, settings and...
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    Roaming question

    Can someone help me understand roaming? Sorry this is pretty basic, but I live in Seattle. When I travel to Canada, (nearby Vancouver) am I supposed to turn roaming "on"? Last time I was there I hadn't changed any setting on my phone but it still worked. But I was shocked by the bill. Would it...
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    New 3G. if I unlock my old v1... can an unlocked v1 be used? Are people putting different simms in them? If so, you still have to have a contract with a different carrier, right? Can you still use the phone and web and other features with a different carrier? (Sorry this is simplistic, but I haven't talked to anyone...
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    What is my old v1 REALLY worth?

    I see them listed on craigslist and ebay for around $300-350 but kind of doubt they are really selling for that, or are they? And if they are selling for that, is this for hardware only or do these include a partial contract or jailbreak or something?
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    Is radio interference improved?

    I haven't been able to get the 3G yet, but I did upgrade the software to 2.0. I installed Pandora and really love it except that when plugged into a stereo system the radio interference is horrible, almost making it unusable. I know the 3G antenna is different, did it help the noise problem?
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    Can't find 2.0 upgrade

    I'm feeling like a real dummy here. I want to upgrade my old iPhone to 2.0 before I get the new 3G. So I go online to the Apple iPhone site and it says to upgrade just sync my phone and it will happen. But when I connect my iPhone to iTunes (windows xp) it says my software version is up to date...
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    What I will like most

    The new non-recessed headphone jack. That has been the single most irritating problem with my iPhone. Everytime I want to plug it into a stereo, or good earphones or whatever, I don't have the adapter with me. So far I have bought three adapters, and they are still always in the wrong place...
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    Is USB connector the same?

    Will the v1 chargers (110v and 12v) still work with the 3G?
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    iTunes download not working

    I have purchased albums and songs recently by direct downloading to the iPhone. However today when I tried to purchase an album, it accepted my password then a window came up that said, "Your purchase will be delivered to you in the highest possible quality at no extra charge." I pushed the...
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    Phone programming help (not iPhone software)

    Forgive me, I know this is the wrong place, but I'm hoping someone here can point me to the RIGHT place. I can't even come up with a good search string on Google to research it. (Admin: if this is too inappropriate, please delete.) I need a way in Windows to tell if the phone line attached to...
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    Radio interference from iPhone

    My iPhone causes occasional sqealing and static on nearby radios and on my landline phone. This happens both at my office and at home. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    probably urban myth, but...

    Someone told me this morning that they read about someone traveling to Europe and coming back to find $1000's on their iPhone bill because the automatic email checker was racking up charges every half hour. This doesn't seem right to me because isn't the data all free on the iPhone? Or is it...
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    What's the function of the dock?

    Does the iPhone dock serve any purpose other than a stand for the iPhone? I've heard that there may be a difference in the "line out" electronics, anything else? I don't think there is any difference in charging or syncing is there?
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    iPhone reads html differently than other browsers

    My web page does not display properly on the iPhone. This is NOT a Flash issue, just simple html that has been working properly for years on other browsers. Some of my sub-pages work, some do not. In comparing the html for a working and non-working page, the only difference I can spot is...
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    email address in the "To" field

    It bothers me that I cannot see the actual email address of someone I am sending an email to when I bring them up from Contacts. It shows their name, but some people have more than one email address. I haven't found a way to see the address without going clear back into Contacts. If I tap on the...