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    Unhappy with price drop of iPhone, but no longer angry

    I am 20 miles from Palo Alto where Jobs lives. I might drive by and see if anyone has toilet papered his mansion.
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    Maps question

    Someday I assume.
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    Maps question

    HA! The iPhone has no idea where you are. No GPS on iPhone...yet. Wait for the gPhone next year.
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    As an "early adopter" that is the risk you take.
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    Apple's Plan to pay back early adopters?

    Maybe they will give me a new iMac seeing how I bought an "old" one like a month before the "new" one was announced. Not.
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    Just bought my iPhone!

    Does it need to be unlocked to put a valid ATT SIM card in?
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    Just bought my iPhone!

    Just swap your SIM card from your current phone to the iPhone. Then you will not need to sign up for 2 years.
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    I don't know, 60 days is a long time when talking about consumer electronics.
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Are you kidding me? I paid $2500 for my HDTV two years ago, now the same TV sells for $999. Stop whining! Sure 2 years went by, but it's less that half what I paid.
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    No 3G in iPhone.

    ..."and we are Apple! Everything we do IS the correct way, whether you like it or not. Our decisons are based on what is best for us, uh...I mean you!
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    Where did my call quality go?

    Welcome to the new ATT.
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    iPhone wish list..

    ... Voice dial Memory card slot (Apple will never do this.) User replaceable battery any more?
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    Responses to "can I see your iPhone?"

    If I can see your b00bs.
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    Welcome to the new ATT.
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    Number of iPhones posted decreases on eBay

    I can walk into the local Apple store (Nor. CA) and buy one.
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    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    That being said. I should be able to take the SIM out of my current ATT phone and pop it in the iPhone and have voice service. I can just add the data plan to my current plan or just use wi-fi and not re-up for two more years with ATT? I bought my current phone off Ebay and just stuck my SIM...
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    Email Issues

    I suppose. I have the same problem with my "regular" ATT phone.
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    After a 13 hour WAIT...Now THIS? THX AT&T!

    Me thinks you don't have the phone.
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    Email Issues

    Welcome to the new ATT.
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    Nice gift to Apple employees Apple employees to get free iPhone By Troy Wolverton Mercury News Article Launched: 06/28/2007 03:18:48 PM PDT Apple employees will be a getting a nice perk next month: a free iPhone. At the end of July, the company will be...