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    AT&T preparing for new iPhone stock?

    the iPhone 4gb is now discontinued and the 8gb is now 399.
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    how can i delete the ringtones in the tab?

    what a pita. had to re sync my whole phone.. im done putting ringtones on. heres the link on how to do it
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    how can i delete the ringtones in the tab?

    forget it , i got it.
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    how can i delete the ringtones in the tab?

    i updated iTunes so i have to delete the useless ringtones.. any help? thanks espo
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    a easy way to fade in and out for ringtones.

    anyone know of a easy way? i use garage band to cut the song length but what about fade in and out? can u do it in garage band? thanks.
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    Thank you all so much

    stop crying and getting pissed because he paid 200 less than us. Good for him. hees lucky he didn't have to pay 600. don't be mad about it tho.
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    Will Apple offer replacement if iPhone is scratched?

    no i bought it on iday
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    Will Apple offer replacement if iPhone is scratched?

    Hey, Im thinking of going back to Apple tomorrow to see if they will exchange my phone. My first problem is that the back and sides of the silver "not chrome". got scratched somehow and i never dropped it or put it on a rough surface. And my second problem is that the speaker volume is VERY LOW...
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    sidekick 3. went through like 5-6. suck a pos.. the aim is cool but the phone itself sucks.
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    Stolen iPhone - Help Me Solve the Mystery

    dam that was some story, but i have no idea whatsoever how it would disappear like that. no clue at all. pretty weird. but im sorry to hear that you lost it. maybe it could turn up
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    If Microsoft made the iPhone. (worth clicking)

    What if Microsoft had made the iPhone?
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    Really funny video about forums.

    strong langauge..
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    Modded iPhone headphones

    what ones do you have? the in ear ones? how did you get them apart?
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    High res pics of iskin revo. (Inside)

    do you see the brown in it at all or am i just crazy
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    High res pics of iskin revo. (Inside)

    Just got mine today. Not using the pointless bottom piece or the screen protector. just the case. looks good. a bit brown. but looks awesome and feels so much better than the incase i had.
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    What do you drive or ride?

    im 15 , so no car. So i got a yamaha yfz450 full mx ready. and a 07 eastern element with many mods.
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    New Update Problem

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    Do you still use your iPod?

    nope, selling it
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    Modded iPhone headphones

    how do skull candys sound? good bass? clear?