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    Help Me Crack The Code On The Apple Television

    I don't think an Apple tv would be worth a premium price. And even given that I already own a roku for one tv, and have a vizio tv, that i bought last january, which has access to all my Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin video content needs very easily. I wouldn't likely buy one because TVs...
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    Ditch uVerse for Apple TV?

    It acts as a DVR for OTA channels that you can store locally. I guess its pretty similar to Aereo, but you need to buy the hardware + guide, sort of like the TiVo model.
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    Get Apple TV now or wait until next one?

    I have one for computer monitors and it works great. What's on iPhone is on the monitor.
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    Can't use AirPlay anymore.

    It's just taking 10 minutes to Nox Vidmate VLC see anything you stream to your ATV from the iMac. Do you have this issue with different types of streaming, youtube, safari video, and iTunes player? If everything is buffering that slow that is odd.
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    Apple TV + Windows 8

    I'm pretty sure you Speed Test can easily set them up to stream.
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    When will Watch OS 2 be released?

    I can download it off my work WiFi and not burn a half a gig of my home internet allotment.
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    Sold my Apple watch

    I am also an Apple enthusiast w/ iMac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV ( finally sold old White MacBook). I'm looking for something to replace- perhaps the Pebble Time