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    Exchange question - can we not send invitations to calendar events?

    I discovered this yesterday that my creating and sending invitations does not work. I can create a calendar event for myself, but I cannot lookup resources, schedule calendar events, or forward an invitation to others. That is really too bad, because the Exchange email is working pretty well...
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    Exchange Email Setup Problems

    I just updated my phone to the 2.0 firmware and was having a hard time trying to connect to Exchange with the new feature. This tip to turn off the SSL fixed my problem. Thanks for posting this! Guy
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    Ditto. Where is the undo feature on this update? Waste of time.
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    My phone was not modded, and I lost my photos. My wifi key for work was blown away so now I have to go talk to the keepers of the company wifi about getting back on the network. Worse part is that very little in the update does anything I really wanted Apple to fix. So tonight I get to locate...
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    iPhone Applecare

    Well since Apple is on a tear cutting prices... I just bought my Applecare for my iPhone when the Applecare product was released. That was based on a product that was selling for $600 that I was willing to pay for the coverage. Now I am a little pissed about the cost of this coverage...
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    Apple just set a precedent that they are going to pay for... How many people are going to run out when a new product is released when Apple now has shown that if you hang out for a short while you can get the product for a discount? I fully expected the price to drop after the holidays, but 2...
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    GoPhone irritating messages gone!

    I am thinking this may have actually been an AT&T fix. So now I am wondering if any other GoPhone users have noticed the messages are gone. Not a single bogus 0.00 dismiss screen today. It is quite nice, and like it should have been all along. I am a happy camper. I just hope they don't...
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    GoPhone irritating messages gone!

    I have my iPhone on the GoPhone plan. I am adverse to cell phone contracts so as soon as I found out I could get the iPhone without a contract I jumped at the opportunity. Since day one AT&T has sent these irritating network messages every few minutes that say "The last transaction cost...
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    I give up....

    I agree I am anxiously awaiting OTA sync with contacts and calendar... And I would like it to support/hooks into Yahoo and Google for these functions. I am hoping for this change in the updates. So for now I am just tolerating the manual sync with the PC and limited functions for these two...
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    iPhone picture messaging

    Or just send it to your yahoo, gmail, aol etc accounts. It is actually easier and better than MMS. To me MMS was always an afterthought way to send mail since they didn't have email on the phones. Now with email on the iPhone I don't miss MMS at all! GuyFawkes
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    Yahoo push email problems since update...

    I had one of my accounts that wasn't working after the update. Someone recommended deleting everything from the inbox and then trying to sync it. That worked for me on the account that was having the problem. GuyFawkes
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    Is 14 days enough to decide?

    The phone is really easy to use and you should know in a few days if you like it or not. The 14 days is there to take into account that you might buy it, but not actually do anything with it right away or give it as a gift. The features of the phone are pretty easy to use so it should be...
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    Why aren't we allowed to complain?

    I would have to say that if you didn't know what the iPhone was missing when you bought it then you didn't: 1. read any of the reviews, or news articles 2. did bother to pay attention to the Apple ads 3. Didn't bother to take the iPhone tour 4. Didn't watch the keynote address when the iPhone...
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    iPhone Calendar Sync

    I would love it if we could choose Yahoo, or Google's calendar... Or both to do sync via Edge/wifi/iTunes. Fingers crossed that we get this as an option in an update. GuyFawkes
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    Aww, how far we've come...

    Yeah, but those other phones can do sooo much more than that overpriced iPhone... Devil's advocate you know! :rolleyes: I can hardly believe people are still defending these antique relics that will soon be overshadowed in every way by products like the iPhone... Then what will "they" say? I...
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    Get the iPhone, or wait?

    Come on in the water is fine... I was at work today and one of our vendors took our team out for lunch. She noticed my iPhone and just had to know how I like it, and then asked if she could see it. Next thing you know she is surfing the web, listening to the iPod, using Google maps, and then...
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    Who DOESN'T Want to Mod their iPhone?

    I am with rondz. I will wait for the updates and see if we get the tools to manage most of these customizations ourselves. If Apple doesn't give us the tools then I will consider the mods. So for now I am being patient. GuyFawkes
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    The other thing I have noticed is that since getting the iPhone I spend too much time amusing myself with it... So the next product my boss would like me to buy is the iWork... He is pretty sure that it has to get more done than I do since a bunch of us in the office bought iPhones! :gasp...
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    The officer told me that I should have bought the iRoad product. :laugh2: GuyFawkes
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    OMG, My iPhone Will Not...

    My iPhone is obviously broken... I tried to use it as a remote control for the TV and DVD player... Didn't work. Then I tried to use it as a navigation system for turn by turn directions. It didn't tell me to turn... At least that is what I told the officer :laugh2:. GuyFawkes