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  1. radtechy

    iPhone XS Battery life bad or is it me

    What’s the deal with this battery life? 35% left.....13 hrs standby being connected to WiFi all day except for a total of maybe 90 mins. My iPhone 8 killed these stats. Also how do you read these numbers on the battery app?
  2. radtechy

    Is this safe to use for charging?

    I picked this is at best buy to use the USB port for my lightning cable and my Bluetooth headphones. It says it will charge 2 phones or 1 tablet but I could swear the iPad mini retina needs more than 5V. Anybody know?
  3. radtechy

    Windows to Mac conversion questions

    I wanted a MBP or a MBA but they are too much money IMO so this seems like the best value plus I can get a desktop without needing a desk (HDMI on TV). I just have some questions if the base 4 gb of ram 2014 model will do what I need. I heard Macs are efficient and can do more with less...
  4. radtechy

    Apple Pay at BJ's club

    It works but it don't work. Second visit to the store that I tried it. I hold the phone to the terminal and passbook opens I do the Touch ID and it says done then the terminal asks for credit, debit, etc and skips printing a receipt or saying paid. The last time I tried it I got charged...
  5. radtechy

    Touch ID on iPhone 6 with the OtterBox Defender

    Anyone find it a pain to program and use it accurately with the case on? I tried it with the case off it will program easy but then with the case on its even more inna
  6. radtechy

    Dropped calls with the iPhone 6 (Verizon)

    My wife had hers for 3 days and has been dropping calls. I had only got mine today. Verizon said it could be a bad SIM card or the internal antenna is bad. Also my network extender wasn't picking up the phones either. The only change to settings that could cause this was.....I changed the...
  7. radtechy

    Safari bookmark icons

    Is there a way to get the icons (webpage's logo) for my saved bookmarks to show instead of the sundial looking thing?
  8. radtechy

    Dropbox app question

    If Dropbox is cloud storage then why is there almost a gig taking up space on my ipad?
  9. radtechy

    Help with slideshow transition speed in iPhoto

    I made a slideshow and with all the pics it's 3:33 runtime so I went to make it faster by sliding it all the way to the rabbit and pressed play and it's not faster. I go back to the options again and it's back in the middle. Why isn't the speed sticking to the way I set it? The transitions I...
  10. radtechy

    iPad/iPad mini SD card camera adapter question

    I searched in a few forums for this topic I and couldn't find anything. I read that this adapter won't work since ios7 came out....can anyone verify this.
  11. radtechy

    Life proof 5 nuud question

    I remember from having otterbox defenders that the edges are tight to move icons around so I was wondering if the nuud which is raised from the screen causes any issues sliding up the control panel and sliding the notifications down. Sent from my iPhone 5S using Tapatalk
  12. radtechy

    Does your iPad or iPad Mini Smart Case do this?

    This side of the case on the top and bottom doesn't meet flat like the other 2 flaps Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. radtechy

    Apple Smart Case or Lifeproof fre

    They both do the same with sleeping and waking the iPad when you buy the lid for the life proof. Cost is not a factor. I think the life proof added so much weight. It's still not as fat as an otterbox defender. I'm not going near water with it ever I have Apple care plus for accidents etc. So...
  14. radtechy

    iPad mini 1 or 2

    Don't now if this had been asked before. But is the mini 1 that much of step back for the 100 bucks. Besides the display and the A7 chip isn't that just it? How much speed am I losing from the A7 to A5 Sent from my iPhone 5S using [URL=Tapatalk[/URL]
  15. radtechy

    Lifeproof for the 5s

    Looks like its available for order now in black or white. I'm waiting for new colors for this one. Sent from my iPhone 5S using [URL=Tapatalk[/URL]
  16. radtechy

    Pages and numbers

    With pages on my iPhone and Icloud website I can create and edit stuff. But with numbers I can only type content on the website and and view on the iPhone. Is this right or am I crazy? What about iPad can you type content with the iPad version of numbers? Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  17. radtechy

    3rd party apps that will mirror to Apple TV

    Looking for an app to mirror video to the Apple TV with non mo4 formats I have a few but they don't support the codec or don't send audio. Doesn't have to be free I'll pay for it Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  18. radtechy

    Photo stream with Apple TV 3

    There is a lag when I use photo stream on the ATV is it due to the wifi? My router is close enough that I can hardwire. But is it necessary? Will it help? I still get that stupid 3905 error when I try to use the 5G band and it only lets me use the 2.4ghz Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  19. radtechy

    Should I buy a used iPad 2?

    What am I missing out not having the newer versions of iPads and what do you consider a fair price Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk
  20. radtechy

    How does auto brightness work?

    I turn it on I don't see any changes. What is the purpose of using it instead of leaving it on half like the way I usually do? Sent from my iPhone 5 using Tapatalk