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    Ustream Live Broadcaster released... live video/sound streaming

    Interesting. Giving this a go.
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    An everythingiCafe thank you to members who have achieved genius status

    Haha, this is true ;) Been tied up with life, y'know, its what happens when you're busy making other plans. On the iPhone side of things, I'm waiting for my upgrade eligibility in October so I can finally move into a 3gs at a decent price. I'm still jailbroken, can't live without the 5 icon...
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    An everythingiCafe thank you to members who have achieved genius status

    Wow, I'm impressed AND grateful. Thanks Chris :)
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    SUCCESS! My iPhone 3G is Now Jailbroken Using the Pwnage Tool

    Error 6 means you're not in DFU mode. The iPhone's screen will go white for a bit when you're properly in DFU mode. Took me a couple tries, for some reason DFU got a bit trickier to engage in 2.0. Also, if you want Pwnage to get you into DFU, you need the "Device Support" folder to be...
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    No AT&T signal after jailbreak

    Yeah, Expert Mode is the way to go. You'll find the Activate option under General Settings.
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    PwnageTool 2.0.1 Released By DevTeam (Installation Fixes) MAC ONLY

    The file should be around 19 megs, so if yours is smaller than that, its most likely not going to unzip. Try the Hackint0sh link, their server supports resuming downloads if they time out.
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    GUIDE: How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G Using Pwnage 2.0

    For the most part, I was visiting the Dev Team's unofficial blog a few times a day over at . For updates to their app, I just enabled Auto Update when prompted the first time I launched Pwnage. As far as other builds are concerned, i.e. ZiPhone or something by...
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    GUIDE: How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G Using Pwnage 2.0

    Word on the street is PC users can download a pwnd ipsw and do the upgrade through the previous version of winpwn if they 1) are still on 1.1.4 and 2) have pwnd before. I'm on a mac, so yeh, I'm already on 2.0 jb :)
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    something that i need to share.

    Sam, I'm sorry to hear about all of this, I'm sure at your age this is at the center of your universe and undoubtedly compels you to do the things you do. I was somewhat in the same boat, however my outlet was drugs. If theres anything I've learned from going down that road, is that like you, I...
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    The "Other'" iPhone Site

    Connie Defense Force is in full effect!
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    Sync iCal info?

    Check your "Info" tab in iTunes when you have your iPhone highlighted in the left column. On the Info page, you have check boxes for the kind of data you want to sync with your iPhone, its there that you can select Calendars.
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    The "Other'" iPhone Site

    I think that person was just being coy. If not OJ and I will beat him up behind the bleachers for you!
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    iPhone Pics: Mini Cooper Meet - Irvine

    I have had a long standing love for the classic Mini Cooper, and when I caught wind of a "Meet" just a few towns over, I had to make the trek! With iPhone in hand, and 1Shoot (my favorite photo-app), I snapped some shots of some very beautiful classic Minis. These include Clubs, Internal and...
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    3G has terrible signal

    I really wasn't getting great reception on my 3g, and spent about 2 hours on the phone with ATT asking why I don't even get a 3g connection even though I'm in the dead center of a huge 3g coverage area. I mean I get a 3g connection on the 6th floor of my work's parking structure, but I don't see...
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    Half the price... False Advertising?

    Its all part of the hype machine. WWDC would not have had the momentum it did if SJ threw the bit in there about it only being half the price based on upgrade eligibility for a price subsidization. I felt a little confused too, especially since I had to open a new line to qualify for the...
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    First off I'd like to Thank everyone for the welcome back, its good to be back :) Now, let me try and answer some questions the best I can without a Multi-Quote feature here. @Buffy Yes, its Ballroom dancing. I'm taking it alone now that I've parted ways with my girlfriend. We still...
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    Half the price... False Advertising?

    @John HOW DARE YOU! Good day Sir... I SAID, GOOD DAY!
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    Returning my 3G :(

    Thanks for the advice, I just have to say its a little unnerving to have to go through all this. I waited in line for 3 hours to get my first one, now I'm worse off than the people who didn't get one that day and had to direct fulfill. When I returned mine today, I saw a person picking up theirs...
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    Returning my 3G :(

    I've restored it quite a few times actually, and since this latest one, my iTunes crashes whenever I dock my 3g. It doesn't crash, however, if I dock my v1 iPhone. SO yeh, right now I feel like your avatar to say the least, lol. My v1 is still running like 2.5c ziPhone jailbreak, I mean the...
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    Returning my 3G :(

    Nothing but problems since I got it, and now it crashes iTunes when docked >.< Old iPhone still works like a champ. I may exchange the 3g for a new one, but I'm not looking forward to this direct fufillment process :/ Sad panda...