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  1. cdelauz

    Has anybody installed iOS 6?

    As the title reads, has anybody installed iOS 6 yet? If so whats have you noticed in the short hours of having it installed? Thanks! @cdelauz
  2. cdelauz


    Any word on when the patch for the PDF exploit is suppose to come out?
  3. cdelauz

    Jailbrake question That is lurking my mind

    Jailbreak question That is lurking my mind I have an iPhone 3gs, I have had it ever since the first day it came out and was never replaced or exchanged...etc. When 3.1.2 came out I jailbroke with with blackra1n, then 3.1.3 came out and I jailbroke it with Spirit. When IOS4 came out I did a...
  4. cdelauz

    Will iMovie work on iPhone 3GS?

    Does anybody know if the iMovie app will work for the iPhone 3GS?
  5. cdelauz

    iOS 4.0 Gold Master

    So does anybody have a time frame of when this will be released and will it be Windows compatible?
  6. cdelauz

    Beta 5 or Golden Master

    Will we be seeing beta 5 tonight or the Golden master? Today marks the 2 week period Apple releases the beta updates. Do you think Apple will just wait until next week at the WWDC to just announce the Golden Master? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  7. cdelauz

    iPhone 3GS Beta 4 push email

    I noticed since upgrading to Beta 4, that my emails are not being pushed. Is this something that Apple has dissables till the final release, or is this a bug thats its Beta 4. Is anybody having the same issue as me? The accounts I have set up are Yahoo and Gmail.
  8. cdelauz

    Downgrade 4.0 iTunes error 13

    Hello, I have seen all over the web that people have been able to "downgrade" from the 4.0 beta. I am trying to do so but I keep getting an error in iTunes code 13. This is immediately after I hit the restore button. Now this is the same error I kept getting when I tried to update to 4.0 beta...
  9. cdelauz

    iTunes error when installing iPhone bete 4.0

    I paid a dev and he said he registred my udid, and I get an iTunes error 13 Please help!
  10. cdelauz

    Yahoo push not working on 3GS

    My Yahoo email account is not pushing my emails. Before 3.1 it was working fine. Now all of a sudden it pushes it from time to time. My Fiance is having the same issue. I can only get the emails when I go in manually then it downloads them. I have done a few restores and nothing. It works...
  11. cdelauz

    My MMS is working!

    Last night on my way home from work, I got this message from Att. I did have the custome ipcc file already, but still was not able to send MMS. Until last night when I got this message. Now I can send MMS.
  12. cdelauz

    Network Data Outage?

    Is there like a data outgae in miami? or maybe the south region. i have not been able to get on the internet on my phone. I have power cycled the phone, I have shut it off and removed the sim, I also did a network reset and nothing. Can anybody else tell me how to trouble shoot this issue, ATT...
  13. cdelauz

    iPhone 3.1 Beta 4 tonight?

    In continuation with Apples release schedule, we should be seeing beta 4 tonight, who knows it might have iTunes 9.0 pre relase with this beta that will be seeded tonight.
  14. cdelauz

    How do we update?

    For those of us using the GM 3.0, how can we update when Apple officially releases it to the public? When I hit check for updates it says I'm on the latest. I know many say GM 3.0 is the final, but I would still like to update to the Official.
  15. cdelauz

    iPhone 3.0 GM Firmware inside ;-)

    I have the link, please PM for it. This is for version iPhone 3g - iPhone1,2_3.0_7 a341 _restore.ipsw
  16. cdelauz

    3.0 released today for developers.

    For those of us that are registered will we be able to download this and install it from our developers?
  17. cdelauz

    From beta to official 3.0

    For those of us that are currently running beta 5, how are we going to go about to updating to the official 3.0? I currently have the new official iTunes 8.2, so when the update comes out and we click Check for updates I am sure its going to say you currently have the lastes update. Will we...
  18. cdelauz

    Beta 6?

    We all know today is when Beta 5 was supposed to be released, but Apple released it a week and a day earlier. Now we are off track, do you think we will see a Beta 6 tonight or it will just come sporadically like Beta 5 did?
  19. cdelauz

    How to get MMS working on beta 5

    What I did was I got the new beta 5 7A312g and I updated my iPhone through the iTunes 8.2 the one that came out with beta 4. Then I hit ****+ Update(on windows) then I looked for the new firmware(7a312g). The phone updated successfuly. After that I updated the IPCC file with the 5.0 found here...
  20. cdelauz

    Any open spots available?

    Whats up, I am currently running 3.0 beta 3 and my co-worker just got his iPhone not too long ago, and he wants to run the beta himself. Is there any developer that still has open slots? If so send me a pm with your paypal address and I will send you his UDID. Thanks, Carlos