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  1. glsda

    Apple Watch Series 3

    Question for you early adopters and previous iwatch owners. I don't need the phone capability and am interested primarily in the activity logging capability of the watch, hiking, walking pilates, not swimming and strength training. Please keep in mind I am 72 years old so I do all this to drink...
  2. glsda

    iPhone 7/7 Plus Photos

    Do you just have an eye for good shots?
  3. glsda

    iPhone 7 AppleCare+ and iPhone 7/7 Plus

    My wife and I are long time users of iPhones and iPads. I have always purchased AppleCare and the benefit has exceeded the cost. It just boils down to do you want to assume the risk of bearing the cost of repair or replacement or shift that risk to Apple. We keep our products for several years...
  4. glsda

    Is the Air 2 not a big seller?

    My wife and I have had several iPads, regular & mini, I am now on the Air 2, won it At a raffle. To many iPhones to recall. Zagg screen protectors on all of them and well worth it from my wife's perspective. I don't think I'll put one on the Air2. Don't know why, I am not that hard on the iPads...
  5. glsda

    What is the best password manager?

    Password manager apps. I just priced 1Password, $69.99 and eWallet, $9.99 at the App store. They both have a significant number of reviews. I can't seeing paying $60 more for 1Password. Is there a significant difference in the 2? Any comments would be appreciated.
  6. glsda

    Snowtrooper1966 son's heart

    As always you all are in my prayers
  7. glsda

    iPhone Plus too big, I already miss my 5s

    Try the Moshi cases. On line. Slim, good grip especially the glaze and I glaze. However Not even close to the protection of the Otter cases.
  8. glsda

    iPhone 6 cases

    Col Littleton cases. I have used the # 48 for my 5 and now for my 6. Great durability yet a little pricey. I also use the Moshi iGlaze for the 5 and 6. Both still fit in the holster with the 5 being a little tight.
  9. glsda

    Traded for Plus

    Thanks for hanging in there. I had a lot of questions after your initial post since I just bought the 6 and have had thoughts of trading it in and getting the +. After all the discussion and your last post I have a pretty clear understanding of the costs involved. This is a great forum and I...
  10. glsda

    Snowtrooper1966 son's heart

    As always Tiberius and your family are in my prayers.
  11. glsda

    Upgrading to iPhone 6 or hanging on to the iPhone 5?

    Walked into AT&T to play with the 6 and 6+ again. Spoke with a rep. and they had just received a shipment of 6s and had a silver in 64 gig. Bought it and am loving it. Went from a 5.
  12. glsda

    Battery replacement program from Apple

    This is why I love EIC. Got a problem find out how to solve it here. Thank you. My battery had been driving me crazy lately. It's eligable for the program.
  13. glsda

    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Picture Thread

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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

  15. glsda

    The pets of eiC

    Santa, the pain will ease in time never the memories. My heart foes out to you. Jerry
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

  17. glsda

    Rob's 1K Reveal

    Rob, nice reveal.
  18. glsda

    Post Your iPad Mini Case Thread

    Those wings really increase the stability especially in the portrait mode.