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  1. iTim

    Already sold out...

    Apple Store now says "ships by February 18th" so it looks as though they already sold out of the first batch.
  2. iTim

    I can confirm....

    Other than the antenna being in a different place, the other difference on the outside is that there are no big bulky FCC logos on the back of the phone.
  3. iTim

    Pre-Orders Sold Out!

    Verizon iPhone pre-orders on both and are sold out. Not quite as fast as the AT&T pre-order for the iPhone 4, but fast none the less.
  4. iTim

    Got mine!

    Wow, that was so much easier than the AT&T pre-order last year. Was done in about 4 minutes. They opened the store at Verizon almost 15 minutes early!
  5. iTim

    Sold iPhone 4 - now the wait for Verizon

    I sold my iPhone 4 yesterday and canceled my service with AT&T. Activated an old Verizon phone my mom had laying around so now I'm officially a Verizon customer so I can pre-order on the 3rd. Wish me luck. LOL.
  6. iTim

    iPhone without contract

    When did they stop allowing you to purchase a iPhone full price without a contract? The verbiage on the website has changed and now it says you can not purchase one without signing up for a contract. Did I miss this topic?
  7. iTim

    Anyone see the Blackberry Playbook yet?

    What do you think? Only thing I like better is the front and rear camera, although iPad will have it soon too.
  8. iTim

    How many are you seeing?

    We BBQ'd at a friends house this weekend, and 4 out of the 12 of us there, had iPhone 4's. We were all facetiming just for the heck of it, in the same room. (okay, maybe we were showing off for those that didn't have iPhone's). Anyway, I'm seeing a lot of them around now, including my office...
  9. iTim

    Got to see the white iPhone 4

    I got a chance to take a look at the white iPhone 4. Now that I've seen it, I think I should have waited.
  10. iTim

    Interesting find regarding iPhone 4 signal issues

    So when at my office, if I cover the antenna the signal completely drops out to nothing. But when at home, I cover the antenna and the signal actually gets stronger (goes from 4 bars to full). Very strange. I've tested the last few days to see if I was right, and sure enough, same results. Hmmmm
  11. iTim

    I just stopped by the mall to get a bumper case....

    WOW! The line is insane! Starts at the Apple Store, goes across the little bridge to the other side of the mall, outside, across the bridge to the parking garage, all the way to the back of the garage and back again! Went to visit some friends in line, and at this point (2:00 PST) they are...
  12. iTim

    Information direct from FedEx International Shipping Department...

    For those whos status still says "Anchorage, Alaska Package Available for Clearance", this is the story. These packages were shipped as Bulk packages, and there were 6 containers shipped in bulk from China. They arrived in Alaska yesterday, but not all containers made it out yet. If yours...
  13. iTim

    Forgot to tell you all the story of the girl who bought my 3GS...

    She emailed me shortly after she picked it up and said she couldn't activate it cause she didn't have a sim card and wanted to know if I would take it back. I told her just to put her sim in it or go get a new one. She them proceeded to tell me that she is with Verizon and can't get a sim...
  14. iTim

    Thank god my iPhone 4 shipped!

    Because I sold my 3gs last week, and I don't think I can stand this blackberry much longer. Using my company phone, and it really blows. I never knew how much I would actually miss my iPhone, if even only for a week. All the things I wanted to do with it this weekend, and then I would...
  15. iTim

    Having trouble selling my 3GS

    No surprise here, I knew it wouldn't be worth as much with the iPhone 4 coming out. I put my phone on craigslist, $325, and no takers. Last year, I put my 3G up on craigslist for $400 and within 1/2 hour, I had 40 replies and sold it for $450. No such luck anymore.
  16. iTim

    Now shipping on is updated to JULY 14th!

    I feel sorry for those that didn't get them yesterday. This is absolutely insane! Edit to clarify; This is for new pre-orders only. Those that got in yesterday will have their phones on the 24th. Those that ordered late yesterday or early today, their phones will SHIP on 7/2 and those that...
  17. iTim

    Huffington Post Artice re: pre-orders....
  18. iTim

    Why do you think there are so many iPhone haters?

    Sorry, I'm sure this question has been answered a thousand times before, but I'm new here so forgive me. I work in the entertainment industry, so iPhones are a dime a dozen around here. But I still have come across a few that are disgusted that I got an iPhone. Really, such haters. Not...
  19. iTim

    So I drank the kool-aid long ago....

    and I thought the iPad would be the first product I would not buy. Our first computer in our house growing up was a macintosh (don't even remember which one, but it was a LONG time ago, lol). Over the years, I had a lot of kool-aid and now have had three generations of iPhones, a desktop mac...
  20. iTim

    Wondering if it's worth coming back to .Mac (mobile me)

    I left mobileMe about a year ago when I left the iPhone behind. Now that I'm back on the iPhone, I'm really having a tough time deciding if I need to renew my mobileme account. My old email is still available so all I would have to do is reactivate for $99. I have been using gmail for the...