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  1. jacjac2

    iPhone with wpa secutity

    I have a new wireless router and husband has put wpa secutity on it. I know the password but it does not allow me to see it. Any suggestions.
  2. jacjac2

    I setup my iPhone to automatically shutdown every night to save battery life

    I have written a program very similar to this....... called one push of button with my finger, lol.... Just had to say it.
  3. jacjac2

    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    No problem Not board, have to keep it handy, no problems at all with email, no problems for me at all, but I don't seem to expect as much as most that way I am excited when something new does come around. Each day I am amazed at how handy it is. Would I say I worship it, no. I see it as a...
  4. jacjac2

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    across the board Well for me it is 50's, 60's, country, pop, rock and instrumental ( for all it depends on the music itself and the words) In some I like the music and you can understand the words, in other if the words are not understood or suggestive, I don't care for it. Now to show the...
  5. jacjac2

    Stupid question but....

    same across the board While I do have a mac, your updates are handled through iTunes, so Mac or PC doesn't matter that. Now personally, Mac over PC, sorry had to interject that. I think what you are hearing is the iPhoto Gallery button that has appeared. While this is a Mac software button...
  6. jacjac2

    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    respect your elders 50 here and waiting to see how many of my students this year have the iPhone.
  7. jacjac2

    Conving Others To Buy

    Other half My other half finally played with mine, while on a trip. He has to get one now. He has ordere a case, car adapter, but still saving for the iPHone.
  8. jacjac2

    iPhoto '08 Web Gallery from iPhone?

    iLife08 The end result is this guys, 1. Must have .mac account and............. 2. update to the iLife08 ( which is actually iPhoto 7.01(with the update) It will be on anyone who had the .mac account, just another perk for having one. So , unless you are getting the two above items...
  9. jacjac2

    Send pics from iPhone to your .Mac Photo Gallery! AWESOME!

    Here but not used I have the Add to Web Gallery Button but it does me no good unless you have iLife08 which has the new iPhoto Web Gallery.
  10. jacjac2

    Prompted to update iPhone software, not sure what it fixes

    none hear :2cool::2cool: :2cool: I have had no problems with my phone since the update. I didn't do any modifications prior to the update, I am wondering if this is where most of the problems are coming from.
  11. jacjac2

    Apple + Internet = NO GO ..... Please help

    down time Is it possible that Apple may have been down for a short time. Have you called Apple?
  12. jacjac2

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Addicting for me Welcome from and I know you will enjoy. I find myself carrying it everywhere, even while on here. I never have done that with a previous phone. I like to have it handy here when reading , that way if I see something new I didn't know, I can check it out.
  13. jacjac2

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Great place Welcome and you will find this is a great place for information. It is getting where this is the first place I look at every morning while having my coffee.
  14. jacjac2

    Anyone have a Sena case yet?

    only one that interested me I looked and looked for two weeks before I ordered any case. I even went into an Apple and ATT store. The Sena Case was the only one that I showed any interest in. From my experience with myself, if something catches my eye, get it. I go back to the first one...
  15. jacjac2

    4 hour battery usage 10% left, bad battery?

    percentage Were do you find percentage figures or are you estimating percentage.
  16. jacjac2

    OMG, I just clicked "check for update" and

    With age come beauty Well, it seems some of you got a few updates. I turned 50 today and got it all, plus the new iPhone 2 as a bonus for turning 50.
  17. jacjac2

    Money to Spend

    back at ya ! Enjoy your day as much as I am going to.
  18. jacjac2

    Money to Spend

    I don't mind sharing with all that I turn 50 today. And with that my husband has given 150.00 to shop today for anything iPhone. Yes, he knows I love my iPhone. I am looking at a good leather case, Sena cases. Has anyone purchased one of these. Also, I will have money left over so what do...
  19. jacjac2

    Docking or not

    let me clarify I wasn't really asking about charging but using the docking piece. I guess I didn't explain myself clearly.
  20. jacjac2

    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    It was the Nextel Motorola i850, only because husband liked the walkie feature for his work. I am now out from under his work, he is jealous.