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  1. furndaddy

    Notes on iPhone 6

    I have not upgraded my Notes on my iPhone 6 yet. I'm scared that I'll lose some of them; as some were created several phone versions ago. Has anyone that has upgraded encountered issues with losing any of their's?
  2. furndaddy

    Fastest way to order iPhone 6?

    I'm taking the plunge and ordering a couple of 6's. In the past, I have always waited in line on launch day for my phone, but was unable to this year. From everyone's recent experience, what is the fastest way - ordering through Apple or through my carrier (AT&T?)
  3. furndaddy

    Can I insert a graphic into my email signature on iPhone?

    My boss wants me to include the company logo at the end of my email signature. I've tried to add it through settings/mail/signature with no success. Anybody able to add an image to their signature?
  4. furndaddy

    iPad 2 camera not working

    The camera on my son's iPad 2 has stopped working. The shutter will not open. I have tried several fixes, including closing the app out and reopening and a hard reset. Nothing has worked thus far. I'm hoping to find a fix soon, as he is needing the camera operational for a school trip next...
  5. furndaddy

    Emoji on everythingiCafe

    Why won't my Emoji keyboard work when posting from the iCafe mobile app? I've tried inserting smiley faces, etc... using the Emoji keyboard included with iOS 5, but they don't show up in the post. Thanks.
  6. furndaddy

    DVD's to iPad

    Once movies have been converted by software such as Handbrake, for example, what format are they and how big of a file do they end up being?
  7. furndaddy

    DVD's to iPad 2 with Windows7?

    Getting an iPad 2 today, and trying to figure out how to get my DVD's onto it. I've heard good things about Handbrake, but also read recent reviews that say it isn't supported by Windows 7. Anyone using Handbrake on Windows 7? Or can you recommend a good alternative to Handbrake that will...
  8. furndaddy

    Default mail account

    How can I specify which of my mail accounts is the default account on my phone? I have two accounts, an outlook account (exchange account through work) and a yahoo account. When I am in Contacts or photos, and go to send an email, my yahoo account is always in the "from" field. I want my...
  9. furndaddy

    Lost video?

    Today I synced my iPhone4 on my laptop with iTunes. After syncing, videos (episodes of Burn Notice) that I had purchased from iTunes with my phone were no longer in the video section of my iPod (on the phone.). Any clue how to retrieve them? Would they now be on my laptop?
  10. furndaddy

    Wireless on DSL?

    I want to get my mother an iPad, but due to the remoteness of her home's location, she only has a DSL Internet connection. Is a DSL connection fast enough to run through a wireless router? Just didn't know if it would even be worth it...
  11. furndaddy

    Printing from iPhone 4

    Can anyone recommend any software and a wireless printer for printing documents from an iPhone 4?