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  1. jacjac2

    iPhone with wpa secutity

    I have a new wireless router and husband has put wpa secutity on it. I know the password but it does not allow me to see it. Any suggestions.
  2. jacjac2

    Money to Spend

    I don't mind sharing with all that I turn 50 today. And with that my husband has given 150.00 to shop today for anything iPhone. Yes, he knows I love my iPhone. I am looking at a good leather case, Sena cases. Has anyone purchased one of these. Also, I will have money left over so what do...
  3. jacjac2

    Docking or not

    I have read several post about docking iPhone at night or charging. I started out doing this but went into an Apple Store and was told you didn't have to dock. It was included as an extra "feature". I do not dock since them, should I be docking.
  4. jacjac2

    Edge vs. ?

    I ran into a problem and Edge won out. My home network connection was moving so slow (verizon). So I pulled out my iPhone and was able to load 4 pages to my home 1 page loaded.
  5. jacjac2

    AT&T Store is Killing the Purchase of iPhones

    I have been into my local AT&T store twice this week to look for cases(none I want). Back to what bothers me though is that the employees who are answering questions about the iPhone are the worst PR people for the iPhone. I actually answered questions for others. I saw lack of excitement for...
  6. jacjac2

    iPhone on Desktop

    I am working on Mac Format. When I hook the iPhone up to the computer and iTunes begins, should I also see the iPhone on the desktop of the computer?
  7. jacjac2

    Sending text message with Contacts

    I have done a search and can not find the info so here goes. I am in my contacts and want to send a text message from within a contact. I click on it and type the message and send. I then get a reply back in error that I need a ten digit number, showing that a "1" was placed in front of the...
  8. jacjac2

    Been there, seen it, done it

    Well, it is here, been on it all day, cant put it down, everything is doing great for me, tried all features, even set up my PLT 510 headset, pulls wi-fi from upstairs, got a cover, can type easily, get mail, send mail, take pictures, go to web sites, listened to music, love the stereo, phone...
  9. jacjac2

    This is just killing me

    On Monday of this week I got an email that my iPhone was shipped, and from China of course. They told me I could track the shipment, which I have been doing. Oh my gosh, I am on pins AND needles waiting for mine to come in. :rolleyes: So it goes from China to Alaska, now where do you think it...
  10. jacjac2

    What do I need to know?

    I ordered my iPhone, coming soon, I hope. I have read many postings here. What I would like to know is what is the most exciting thing I have to look forward too and 2.) what is the one thing I need to make sure I do when I do get the iPhone. I am excited about this so I would appreicate the...