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  1. Britna

    Coming back...

    Hey everyone! Some of you might remember me, others probably not. ha, I had an iPhone a while ago but it got stolen... Tomorrow, I'll have an iPhone again! =] Just thought I'd put that out there. haha, goodnight.
  2. Britna

    after having your iPhone modded...

    how many of you have gone back to stock icons? I'm thinking about going back.
  3. Britna

    Pink circle icon set v.1

    Here's the icon set that I made. The picture makes it look a little weird, but go ahead and download it. some of the icons include .psds but I forgot which ones. Enjoy!
  4. Britna

    Blue Battery

    =] Here is the file:
  5. Britna

    iPhoneinterface not opening...

    Yeah, it shut down on me and now iTunes won't read my iPhone... help? lol
  6. Britna

    Carrier Logo PICK UP ONLY

    The other thread is way too unorganized so here is a thread for PICK UP only. If someone makes one for you, or is just sharing theirs, it'll be posted in here. NO REQUESTS IN THIS THREAD PLEASE. Be kind to the artists, and give them reputation points. Thanks. Don't forget to take out the...
  7. Britna

    Naming your iPhone

    haha, just wanted to know... If any of you named your iPhone.
  8. Britna

    If I change data plans, will AT&T charge me for both?

    Hey. I have a question about the data plan or what ever it is. I had the 29.99 one, with 1500 txt messages, but then I went on cingular and upgraded to the 39.99 for unlimited. It won't charge me for both right? Just a question.
  9. Britna

    iPhones in stock!

    I'm very surprised. The availability list is mostly green for CA! They must have stocked up for the weekend.
  10. Britna

    4 GB now? or wait?

    Hey everyone. I have the choice of someone selling me a brand new 4 gb now, or should I wait about 2 weeks until I can get a hold of an 8? Thanks.
  11. Britna

    How many of you still don't have an iPhone?

    Sadly, I'm one of these unfortunate few. =[ ha, soon I hope. :foot: