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  1. Apple4me

    No love for the iPad Pro?

    I just noticed that there are virtually no posts and not even a forum for the new iPad Pro. Am I the only one interested in this new beauty? Anyways, I was just able to order one from the online Apple Store and am going to be able to pick it up today. I haven't been notified of exactly what...
  2. Apple4me

    iPhone 6s Returning AT&T Next trade-in phone

    I ordered my new iPhone 6s+ from the Apple Store on the AT&T Next program and have been trying to figure out how to return my trade-in iPhone 6+ to AT&T. After wasting hours of time talking with AT&T and Apple, and visiting both the AT&T and Apple Stores trying to figure out how to get my...
  3. Apple4me

    iPhone 6s AT&T Next - How to return old phone?

    I have my new 6s+ all configured and it's running like a champ. I upgraded on the AT&T Next program and need to return my phone, but haven't received any instructions on how to return it. Anyone have any idea where to ship it to? I think I'll try and stop by the local AT&T store and see if...
  4. Apple4me

    Body wrap for Apple Watch

    I've tried all of the Spigen cases and don't like the added bulk and that they take away from the beauty of my SS 42mm Apple Watch. I applied body skins to my watch last week and have been very impressed with the quality of the wrap and the fact that you can barely notice that it is on. The...
  5. Apple4me

    Swype now available for free

    I used to love SwiftKey on my Galaxy S4. My favorite feature was "swipe to type". When SwiftKey arrived on iOS, I immediately installed it on both my iPhone 6+ and my iPad Air. For reasons I can't explain, I was unexcited about SwiftKey on these devices. Now, Swype is available as a free...
  6. Apple4me

    iPad Air 2 shipping thread

    Looks like Thursday is the day that those of us who ordered on pre-order morning will receive their shiny new iPad Air 2's: Order Number xxxxxxxx | Ordered on October 17, 2014 Your shipment is on its way. Here are your shipment details and tracking information. Shipped: Delivers Oct...
  7. Apple4me

    What iPad Air 2 case are you buying?

    I'm going out of town next Friday morning for the weekend and hope to receive my new iPad Air 2 on Thursday. Assuming I do, I wanted a case to protect it right out of the box. It appears that most of the legit case manufactorers have an agreement with Apple to not even ship the new cases until...
  8. Apple4me

    Anyone else waiting for Apple Store to open to order iPad Air 2 this morning?

    I don't know how long the store has been down, but I am ready to pull the trigger on a new iPad Air 2 when it opens. I'm heading out of town Friday mid morning for the weekend and am hoping that I can order for pick up at my local Apple store first thing Friday morning?
  9. Apple4me

    iPhone 6 earbuds

    Are the earbuds included with the iPhone 6 the same as those included with the iPhone 5?
  10. Apple4me

    I'm back.....

    I've spent the past few years over on the dark side, with Android phones. Don't get me wrong, I still own a MacBook Pro retina, an iPad and an iPad mini, so I never actually left the apple fold. But, I need a larger screen phone than apple has offered up until now and I was rolling with Galaxy...
  11. Apple4me

    Message indicator

    I thought that there was a way to enable the led flash to flash when I had unopened messages. I don't see this option anymore. Is there a way to see if I have any new messages without turning on my iPad?
  12. Apple4me

    iOS 5 Lock Screen Notifications

    I was hoping to see the same notifications on the lock screen that you see when you swipe down in an open screen. However, it appears that only "new" alerts appear on the lock screen. I want to see all of my open email, calendar, etc. on the lock screen as well as alerts so that I don't have to...
  13. Apple4me

    MacBook Air Just got my new MBA and love it!

    What a dream notebook. I'm a little worried about scratching it so I'm looking at ordering a set of skins. These are the ones I'm looking at: I had the same skins on my iPad2 and loved them...
  14. Apple4me

    Marware customer service

    I have a Mareware CEO Hybrid iPad2 case that was one of the first they shipped. Over time, the material on the outside of the case began to separate from the case. It's like the glue holding the two together gave way. Now, to be honest, I live in the desert and have left my iPad2 in my car...
  15. Apple4me

    RunKeeper Pro free through the month of January

    It's usually $9.99. I've used the free version of RunKeeper for my mountain biking rides for a long time and love it. I'm not even sure yet what's in the Pro version, but I got it while it was free :)
  16. Apple4me

    Silly me

    Just got back from the Apple store with a new Apple tv. I go to hook it up and realize that the tv I want to use doesn't have hdmi inputs, only dvi. After a little research, it appears that I would spend more on video and audio adapters than the tv is worth. I'm guessing Apple only included...
  17. Apple4me

    navigon on iPad

    Got my new 3G iPad last weekend, upgraded from wifi. Used Navigon on a little 170 mile drive yesterday and loved it! I run Navigon in 2x screen mode and the text is very large and easy to read while driving, even without my reading glasses. I'm not sure I would upgrade to an iPad version of...
  18. Apple4me

    OS4 version and modem firmware

    I purchased my iPhone 4 last Friday and I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have any issues. Most notably, I can't reproduce either the bar dropping issue or the proximity sensor issue. From the 4th and 5th digits of my serial number, my phone was manufactured in week 27. I'm wondering if Apple...
  19. Apple4me

    My black iPhone 4 with white bumper

    I picked up the white Apple bumper to go with my black iPhone 4. I was not sure how it would look, but I love it. So happy with my purchase.
  20. Apple4me

    Broke down and upgraded to 3G iPad

    We don't have wireless at work and I found myself needing it more and more on my iPad. I was able to sell my 32gb wifi iPad for $550 on craigslist and purchased a 32gb 3G iPad. I don't like having to pay AT&T another $25/month, but it's worth it to me to have everything on my iPad always...