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  1. spyz88

    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    According to hackint0sh @ they managed to get the iPhone unlocked. Anyone think its true? I really think if you want it you should have to get AT&T IMHO. Anyone else have thoughts or tried it?
  2. spyz88

    Calendar appointment time change?

    Has anyone else been having their WHOLE iPhone Calendar appointments being set 4 hours behind. This is REALLY annoying. Not to mention affecting my appointments. God I hate the 1.0.1 update everything was working fine until they released that crap... :mad:
  3. spyz88

    Yahoo push email problems since update...

    hey has anyone else been having problems with yahoo push email since 1.0.1 update. All of a sudden it takes like 35-45 minutes for me to get a email or someone to get it after I send it. I tried hard reset on phone and just rebooting it to no avail. Please help someone its driving me nuts!