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    Honest questions answered.

    i have personally spoken to Apple and so have many other people on this thread. EVERY SINGLE Apple employee confirms the iPhone will be sold on the Apple online store on Fri June 29th at 6pm PST, the same time for everyone despite what time zone you are located in. I believe this is a definitive...
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    Online Ordering - People and Supply

    i spoke with Apple today phones will be availible for order on at 6pm PST, for all !
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    Atlanta Ga, Camp-out?

    you wont be able to use your sim card it comes with a custon sim card preinstalled. your gonna have to call AT&T from the phone and set it up.
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    first lines?

    hopefully i will be the one starting my line. i will begin camping thursday the 28th at 8pm as soon as i get out of my last class for the week.
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    $99/month to use WiFi?

    true, but the unlimited data connect w/o wifi is still $79.99 WAY too much IMNHO.
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    $99/month to use WiFi?

    the english site is still down but i was able to access the spanish, sorry if its had to understand, its the best i could do...
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    Honest questions answered.

    not true did u see the 25 min video they added today?
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    Do the math...

    OK, so we have an estimated 1 million iPhones up for grabs on the release date. The only places these will be for sale are AT&T official retail stores (1800 stores), Apple retail stores (170 stores), and Lets say (just for speculation purposes) will have 20%, 200,000 (a...