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  1. J

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    YouTube now has the correct most viewed for today and all. :)
  2. J

    Have You Dropped Your iPhone?

    I dropped mine once from about 2 feet onto concrete as I was getting out of a car. My iPhone now has a 1/2 inch scratch on the screen and a small circular dent in the side opposite of the volume controls. :frown:
  3. J

    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Detroit vs. Cleveland - July 5th
  4. J

    Humming noise

    It has happened to me once before as well. It scared me to death. I'm not sure what it was doing. VERY odd.
  5. J

    what do you use to follow baseball games on your iPhone?

    I use Bottom right corner
  6. J

    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    I live in Georgia, however I drove up yesterday to Michigan. EDGE was down for me from 12pm until 5:30ish. EDGE seems to be slower up here than in Georgia. I am currently in the Troy/Rochester area.
  7. J

    Phone gets hot when used a lot?

    It's only warm sometimes. But I got the Belkin clear case and belt clip..can't feel a thing.
  8. J

    How do you delete web pages?

    Press the tab viewer, and then press the red x in the top left corner of each page.
  9. J

    ichat app doesn't work 2 well :(

    You can login...but you can't start any sessions because the names aren't links.
  10. J

    I've got mine...still has not activated...

    don't worry, it takes a little while. Also good news: I'm typing this with two thumbs! I love this thing.
  11. J

    HORRIBLE activation process

    Don't worry. I had to wait 2 hours for it to activate but it's worth it. Trust me. I'm using it now...
  12. J

    I can't drag music...

    Create a playlist and drag your songs onto it. Then sync that playlist with iTunes.
  13. J

    I've got mine...still has not activated...

    I'm an existing customer...same number
  14. J

    I've got mine...still has not activated...

    Now up to 2 hours...and waiting...
  15. J

    activation taking awhile...

    Just over an hour...
  16. J

    Polishing cloth?

    It's in the fold out black thing I believe. The one that has the "finger tips" instructions.
  17. J

    Polishing cloth?

    Yes. All black and says "iPhone" on it.
  18. J

    I have my phone. I am in the parking lot! Ask me anything!

    The entire circular button is down inside...NOT raised. The rectangle inside the circle/round thing is NOT raised either. You actually push the entire circle.
  19. J

    Well got iPhone and nothing happening.

    Make sure you download iTunes 7.3