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    USB port towards a iTunes icon?

    well that was weird......iTunes iPhone said to try to reconnect your iPhone or it said that it couldnt read the sim card and i need to go to att to replace it for a new one so i just switched ports on my computer and now it works hmm im not exactly sure what happened because i always used the...
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    USB port towards a iTunes icon?

    ok i just downloaded 1.1.3 and i i powered off my iPhone and turned it back on... and now it shows a usb cable going towards an iTunes icon and then it says slide for emergency and i do that and its goes to an ermergency call! someone please help me this is starting to scare me thanks for anyone...
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    how do we add the web apps that are on the Apple site

    probably a stupid question but does anyone know how we add the web apps or other widgets to our iPhone
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    question bout iTunes?

    i got everything down i did my songs and my album but i need to know how add songs to does anyone know how to add songs to the albums thanks
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    does leaving WiFi on drain the battery?

    even though im not on the internet but i leave wifi on does it drain the battery or no? aside from that i love the $600 i ever spent for real
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    anyone know how to rearange the icons on the home screen?

    on the home screen.....does anyone know how to rearange the icons like put the camera on the bottom instead of mail..........
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    how do u delete photos?

    i don't see any of that on my iPhone
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    Sunlight viewable?

    well you can adjust the brightness and when you put it up all the way its perfect in the sun for real very cool
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    how do u delete photos?

    i just synced photos from my comp but now i wanna deleate some and it wont let me ....ones i take from the iPhone camera you can delete but theres no trash can option with the ones you sync from the comp any idea?
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    solution for the low volume!

    when you make a call or receive a call hit the will glow blue then the sound is perfect...also the headphone work perfectly as well both make the sound perfect
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    is there aim on the iPhone?

    im new to this site and this is actually my first post so i was just wondering if they have aim on the iphon....i know they have ichat but is there aim on it and if its not can you download it on your iPhone from the internet thanks