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    Bye bye iExpress, hello iEvince!

    Server hosted on a mac or PC? I've run into some weird problems trying to get it to work gracefully on the mac. (Weird / and \ directory rules and what not.)
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    Ok Seriously...

    iMoaner, good one ;p
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    Bye bye iExpress, hello iEvince!

    So I stopped working on my iExpress project a while back -- had to much on my plate due to work. Recently, however; I was working on a project at my office and was able to take the code (with a little modification) from that project and create a sweet iPhone app that works just like iExpress...
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Aren't you just the philanthropist. Smart move by Apple, they appease most the people they have "wronged" and they still make off with all your money (they're not really losing anything, you have to spend the $100 with them.)
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    Ok Seriously...

    Money is not the big deal. Sure if they offer a refund to us iday people I would get mine, but I'm really more interested in wtf Apple was thinking. They made their most loyal supporters look like complete fools -- cake on our face if you will. What kind of businesss strategy is that? Apple has...
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    Ok Seriously...

    I'm not really an elite ****, I don't go showing the iPhone off everywhere I go. I use it for what I need then it goes back in my pocket. Last night and all day today I've had people I work with and complete strangers walk up and tell me I got ripped off. Seriously? No ****? I think I know...
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    Problem with getting e-mail not automaticly

    My iPhone can check email and talk on the phone just fine...
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    Offical iPhone Software Carrier Unlock Discussion

    Seriously, who charges for hacks -- AT&T is going to come at them with some crazy DMCA legal power? Disgraceful members of the sub-ethical community. Real hackers do it because they know information wants to be free...
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    If you're in the Mofia the iPhone isn't for you.

    Warrants are no longer required, because the Patriot Act made it so they can classify just about anything as "Terrorist" activity with out being asked why. Mater of fact if you ask why, there is a good chance you will be detained (with out due process of law) for a prolonged period of time. The...
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    If you're in the Mofia the iPhone isn't for you.

    It really creeps me out that you guys seem pretty fine with the government being able to tap into your private lives at any time, with out you knowing about it... Something about that just is not kosher with me. Guess you could just muffle the mic when you're not using the phone... or leave it...
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    iPhone Applications Installer

    We need some kind of repository to be set up, so we can turn this into an iPhone version of app get.
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    My iPhone let me down =[

    One step closer to being a Darwin award contestant!
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    Manzana Help, won't load up

    Uninstall 3.5 and go back to 2 I have the same problem on Vista (which only comes with 3.5). I have to use my other machine which has XP pro on it.
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    Why use a screen cover?

    I actually took a key to my screen when I first got it showing it off at a bar (was drunk at the time) THANK GOD they don't scratch easy...
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    Can you honestly play NES emulator?

    So sue me, I don't check the app.NES website every 24 hours ;p
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    Can you honestly play NES emulator?

    No it is currently ---------------------------------- |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************| |********************|...
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    green iPhone!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---> * That's your warranty being blown away.
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    Delayed Text Messages

    Text messaging and MMS are just kind of tacked onto the cell network with bubblegum and chicken wire... Weird stuff happens all the time because of that.
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    Issues sending MMS to Verizon

    Alltel [10-digit phone number] Example: AT&T Wireless (now part of Cingular) [10-digit phone number] Example: Boost Mobile [10-digit phone number] Example: Cingular...
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    Can you honestly play NES emulator?

    I kind of wish they would let me play in landscape with buttons going up and down instead of left to right. Might not have the orginal nes feel, but would feel a lot better in my hand. Something like this: --------------------------------------------------...