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    Did you sell anything to buy your iPhone?

    I sold my sissstar....
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    I had the pearl for 2 months,,it was just ok, the iPhone is much easier for my fat figners to use , and I can actually see the fricking thing!haha anybody want to buy a fairly new pearl?
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    email smtp

    I hope it works when it is on E, I tested it of the wifi..........I would just change the optonline to G as well, but it is my work email addy so I cant.:frown: It is my secondary, but only work email addy so I am stuck with it. (it is on my cards, advertising, etc)
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    email smtp

    this worked for me! :2cool::2cool::2cool::2cool:I have two email accounts that I use. netcome, which is now the earthlink system and optonline..I could not get hte optonline to send, I added the (:587) to the just like that, and it works! I also had to shut off the ssl in...