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    Eliza -- I just checked out the AT&T store in Maumee (on Conant St.) since I was in the area and they said they have been getting between 25 and 30 calls a day about the iPhone. How many people that translates into coming in on the 29th to purchase one is another question. Do you plan on...
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    How did you find EverythingiPhone

    I googled the same thing just to see what was out there. This is the only forum I have ever visited for the iPhone.
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    Apple patent clears road for theft-proof iPhones, Macs While I don't expect to see it on the iPhone coming out in June, it will be interesting to see in future. Not only how it effects Apple's products, but other hardware manufacturers. How...
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    iPhone hidden details - interesting find!

    Why MSN over Google Finance? Just curious. I've never really used MSN and found Google pretty nice with the news. It was pretty funny looking at how quickly Apple's stock fell yesterday (and the volume, heard someone sold 5m shares) after news about the delay of the iPhone and Leopard. I...
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    Has Apple Pulled a fast one on the OrangeMan?

    Is the $499/$599 the retail prices or the discounted prices?
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    Engadget stiring up trouble; claims iPhone delayed I don't see why they would even make the claim that the iPhone is delayed until October... seems as false as can be.
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    Launch date for SECOND iPhone?

    I agree with what archer has said and will most likely not buy the first generation iPhone for similar reasons. Beyond not having 3G, more memory would be helpful. Plus I still have 1 year left on my current contract. If Apple fixes the major bugs and puts out a v1.1 or v2 around the holiday...
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    AT&T Blocking Out June 15-July 15 for iPhone Launch

    Why would I take offense? Late June knocks out all the June 11 and June 15 dates people were tossing around and gives people a better idea of when the iPhone will come out.
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    Sold my Blackberry...I now wait...

    Well I'm sure many US consumers will have an iPhone before the end of June, but I have a good feeling not all consumers that want one will have one by the end of June. Apple will not be able to produce enough to meet demand/not want to produce enough to meet demand.
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    Launch date for SECOND iPhone?

    How long should we expect to wait for iPhone v2? Could we see a release date in Summer 2008? Apple patents for the touch-screen to be on the back size of a possibly smaller device are floating around. I would love to see what the second generation iPhone looks like and when it is to be...
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    it is my life

    That's why I try not to watch it! The more times I watch the keynote, the more likely it is I will be wanting one come the end of June.
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    There are iPhones on eBay already lol

    Link to article: A bidding war has broken out on eBay for Apple (AAPL) iPhones. Prices for at least two of the $500-$600 devices have been driven past the $1,000 mark. One sale that closes today had 38 bids as of this morning. Last best offer: $1,025 plus...
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    Sold my Blackberry...I now wait...

    Why not wait until you get an iPhone? It looks like you'll be without a 'good' phone for 1.5 to 2 months.
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    AT&T Blocking Out June 15-July 15 for iPhone Launch

    Peter Oppenheimer, CFO and SVP of Apple, said at least twice (possibly more) that the iPhone will be launched in late June in the Q2 conference call. Audio can be found at This is consistent with the June 29th launch which is the claim by AT&T...
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    Apps syncing with iPhone

    I'm still learning about the iPhone but are there any apps besides iCal that the iPhone will work with on a mac? Is there any chance 3rd party developers will be able to build other software that syncs with the iPhone?