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    AT&T medianet

    medianet works fine for me. just no visual voicemail when using the iPhone with it.
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    iPhone owners, anyone get the Tilt yet?

    i was looking at it as a second phone or maybe the 8525. i was wondering if it was possible to swap the sim card back and forth?
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    SIM card switching?

    do you see all the contacts on the 2nd phone?
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    custom ringtones after update?

    my ringtones show up on the sounds list but it doesn't play when i select it or when someone calls. the ringtones were created using iTunes.
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    How to install in under 5 min (without using WinSCP or setting permissions)

    nope. but i'm sure i can figure it out. thanks
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    How to install in under 5 min (without using WinSCP or setting permissions)

    is there any way to upload more than 1 rom at a time?
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    mod after update

    when i use jailbreak it gets to the hold down for 25 sec part. i do all of that and wait for the connect to iTunes screen. than i release the buttons. after doing that it says sending more files... booting iPhone... than it says that i need to learn how to hold it longer. i've held onto the...
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    Changing message, email tones

    it crashes on me also. maybe it's because there is no "getfile" command. when you type "help" it doesn't list it as a command.
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    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    THANKS A LOT! i was wondering tho, what happen to the ringtone that was originally uploaded to the phone? did it even upload? maybe that's y it didn't show up under sounds.