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    Bricked My iPhone

    umm yes i guess but that is still pretty gay to say that. it was that other guys phone too he doesn't have to make everyone who has messed up modding there phones feel like losers.....
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    Bricked My iPhone

    sry man but the truth is ummm your kinda gay...:gasp:
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    does anyone kno where i can ask for a custom slider?:frown:
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    My first theme - Gold Master - get it here (with screenshots)

    sry but can you repost the link? when i click the first one you have i can't seem to open anything...:laugh2:
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    Problems with Bluetooth (and how to reset)

    yes I knew that already. Thanks though. But I meant that if he was able to connect with his computer via BT. I have a BT device myself so yes. But thanks anyways.
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    Problems with Bluetooth (and how to reset)

    sry. Well I'm brand new to this. Hehe but yes when you say that you added a passcode, what are you referring to? The jawbone headset or your computer? Or to the iPhone?