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    I just dropped my iPhone in water

    Vodka + iPhone = NOT GOOD! hmmmmm, i feel your pain... i was very very drunk on Saturday and somehow my iPhone ended up in a glass of Vodka and Redbull...ten minutes later when im getting off my car i decide im going to make a call and in my cup holder my iPhone is apparently having intercourse...
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    Can i put a nextel SIM card in an unlocked iPhone?

    just an FYI Nextel is iDEN which is not CDMA. CDMA is different from iDEN and are defenitly different. Sprint uses CDMA. they are both different. and of course iPhone is GSM.
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    Custom Ringtones without Jailbreaking WORKS with the new 1.1.2 Firmware Update!

    :2cool:yes, the file was to big in kb. i tried it again and compressed it and now it works. thanks for the help
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    Custom Ringtones without Jailbreaking WORKS with the new 1.1.2 Firmware Update!

    wow weird, it worked.. the weird thing is that the song i was trying to move over was 27 seconds long but the one that you have is 29 seconds long....maybe the one i was trying to upload was bigger in kb than yours....
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    Custom Ringtones without Jailbreaking WORKS with the new 1.1.2 Firmware Update!

    yes it will make it louder....of course if already synced to your phone and then you move the setting, then you are going to have to sync it again :gasp: haha well good job on getting it to work. i hope i can make mine work again.....hmmm makeiPhoneringtone you say....where'd you find that bro?
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    Custom Ringtones without Jailbreaking WORKS with the new 1.1.2 Firmware Update!

    :( not syncing so i did all the steps...edited ringtone. converted to ACC, renamed from m4a to m4r. file now comes out as a ringtone, dragged it into the ringtones tab in iTunes. Hit Sync and BAM! they arent there...super any suggestions? running on windows vista and the newest version...
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    Transferring SMS inbox to computer?

    i don't think this is possible. it would be nice though.
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    12 megabytes left?

    ummmm if you have installer in your phone you did jailbreak. you proabably mean that you didn't unlock.
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    just curious, what does everyone here do for a living....

    im a manager for a certain, which will not be named, cell phone provider
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    Risk buying iPhone after update? In Costa Rica

    i would say wait about 2 weeks or so and see what progess the dev team has made. if they have jailbreaked it by that point then hell yes go for it. in any event though i would buy it. it would just seem like an eternity waiting for them to hack it. i know i would be pissed cause i can tend to be...
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    Risk buying iPhone after update? In Costa Rica

    honestly i wouldn't be sure what to tell as far as you making your choice to buy it or not. but i will tell you this. the phone is badass. i had mine since it came out in June and i still have not gotten bored of it. i think its a great investment. i use it any chance i get.:laugh2:
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    Risk buying iPhone after update? In Costa Rica

    all the new iPhones are coming out with 1.1.1 update. so if your friends buys you one, you wont be albe to unlock it because the firmwire will be the new one. as far as the dev teams progress they have been able to run a jailbreak on the phone but they say it will still be a good wait while they...
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    ok. does anyone have this problem caused by 1.1.1?

    yes mine started crashing a lot as well after i updated to 1.1.1. about 2 days ago it got extremely annoying. i couldnt even begin to look the the page before it would close it out. i was pissed!:angry:
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    Apple collecting diagnostic info, anyone else?

    yep i got one of these at activation back in june. and about 2 more a the past two updates. but i didn't send anything the past two times cause i didn't want them to know what i had modded my iPhone. lol. well idk if it even sends them that kind of info, but i didn't want to send it either way just...
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    Unlocked iPhone froze

    you know i think you might be screwed. if your getting the charger cable and the iTunes screen it has already upgraded itself to 1.1.1. so you wont be able to unlock it
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    Get an iPhone

    yep, good luck. hope you find one
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    The 1st call you made or received on the iPhone

    called the gf, and then had to explain why she kep getting my voicemail for about 15 minutes. hahaha then she hauled a$$ to my house to play with it... the iPhone i mean hahaha:laugh2::frown:
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    Get an iPhone

    if you unlock it then you can use it with another carrier, but inorder to be able to unlock it you have to be on the 1.0.0, 1.0.1, or 1.0.2 software. if its on the 1.1.1 then you wont be able to unlock it to another carrier.
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    Get an iPhone

    1. yes (although i believe they are going to start if they have not already, started shipping them with 1.1.1) 2. yes your required to sign up for a data plan i believe they are out of the 4gb already. and no you cant put your AT&T card into it.
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    Very important question. "urgent"

    if you sync your phone with another computer you will lose whatever music you had on there and it will sync the music from that library on to your iPhone.