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    iPod Sock?

    As far as I know they only come in packs of 6. The pack I bought came with Gray, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple.
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    iPod Sock?

    The top of the phone will stick out a little bit, and after being in your pocket all day sometimes the sock comes down just a tiny bit but nothing major to worry about. I have a Power Support Crystal Film on my screen as well and I haven't had any issues with anything scratching the screen so far.
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    iPod Sock?

    Hello, The iPod socks fit over the iPhone quite nicely. I bought a pack about two months ago and I love them. I didn't want to sacrifice the sleek form of the iPhone, but at the same time I wanted to protect it in some way while it was in my pocket. Sorry for the poor picture quality but I...
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    Multi-Colored Socks

    I have been using these for a couple of weeks now. They do fit quite well and I love them! These are much better than any of the hard plastic cases in my opinion. I tried the Contour and the Power Support hard plastic cases and I found them both to be junk! It is a little bit of an inconvenience...
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    Loose black back piece?

    I don't think the glass issue is as much of a defect as it is a design flaw. Mine also has a gap between the glass and chrome piece, which I never noticed until after about a week of being stored in my pocket. Apple definitely should have sealed this off somehow. I just bought a can of...
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    Loose black back piece?

    Ohhh, ok! Thanks for the logical explanation as I was scratching my head over this for some time now. I figured at some point it would probably come apart anyway and I would find out for myself what was inside.
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    Loose black back piece?

    I was noticing the same thing with my iPhone. Sometimes when grabbing or using the phone this black piece squeaks and if you push on it you can tell that it moves. Ever since I bought the phone I couldn't help but wonder what this piece was even for? Why isn't it just aluminum like the rest of...
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    Contacts sorted by subheader

    Contacts Thanks for the information! By the way sorry for the default thread title. My wonderful Windows [GASP!] machine froze up while typing this and apparently it did not get changed. There doesn't seem to be a way to change this that I could find... On another note I will be making the...
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    Contacts sorted by subheader

    I was noticing that on other iPhones and even the poster on the wall at the Apple store show a contact list which is sorted by sub-headings with letters in them and also the right side of the screen has A-Z where you can scroll. Mine does not have this. I do not have that many contacts entered...
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    Bluetooth Delay?

    I have a Moto HS820 and am having this delay problem as well. After I hit the button on the headset it takes a few seconds before I hear a beep from my headset indicating the call is active. I have gotten accustomed to waiting until I hear the beep before I even say 'hello'. I am also wondering...
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    Does AT&T read our text messages?

    I had called ATT last week regarding some SMS message issues I was having. I was getting strange messages from other people claiming I had sent them messages by accident. Turns out it was a problem on my friend's end. At any rate when I called ATT I was transfered to some sort of "specialist" to...
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    Battery issue a software issue?

    Has there been any kind of consensus yet weather or not the battery issue is that of a software issue or a hardware issue? I have only had mine on the wall charger about 3 times now. Last night I charged it for well over 8 hours and this morning when I checked it I had the "plug" indicator but...
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    iPhone Service

    My old RAZR seemed to have a LOT better reception than the iPhone. I have been noticing that it seems that the RAZR would hold out even in low signal conditions and still work whereas the iPhone just seems to "give up" and is very very fast to disconnect me. Also it seems there are some weird...
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    What's Your Favorite Ringer?

    I like to use the Old Phone. As others have said it is loud and gets my attention. I use Alarm for a few contacts also and had a funny incident with that tonight. I was riding with one of my friends and we were sitting at a stop light, the light turned green and she started to take off. At that...
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    Chrome piece sucks agree?

    Mine has a few small scratches after only a week of use. Very gentle use I might add! I'm basically afraid to use this baby! The chrome does not seem to be of high quality. Yes, it may stand up to a blend-tech, but doesn't seem to be very scratch resisitant. I haven't quite put my finger on it...