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  1. J

    iPhone POPs all my Gmail

    I've removed and added a dozen times (ok maybe not quite that many) and no change. jacjac - Its an iPhone setting and the only change for me is that it now refills to 25 emails instead of the default 50.
  2. J

    iPhone POPs all my Gmail

    The Sent Items problem is a known issue that everyone else (including AT&T) uses filters to get around. Why Apple didn't bother is beyond me, but that's par for the course for a lot of things Apple has done with the iPhone.
  3. J

    iPhone POPs all my Gmail

    Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.... I have gmail set to only pop mail that arrives from now on, yet when I add my gmail account to the iPhone it pulls in ALL my emails. I even made sure to mark all mail as read but no change.
  4. J

    Could you try this IM App?

    I can't get my Meebo login to work...The individual services are logging in.